Mathura- Vrindavan

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The religious and the colorful city of Mathura- Vrindavan is the most popular place at Uttar Pradesh. A city is a place worshipping Pure unconditional love. The city is all adorned with the beautiful and magnificent temples dedicated to Lord Krishna. The city is so much soaked in the spirit of the god Krishna that the most frequent word a person utter in this city is Radhe- Radhe (beloved of Lord Krishna). The temple here says the story of numerous phase of Krishna’s life and celebrate the zeal of love between him and his beloved Radha. The place sees itself as an important Hindu pilgrimage, where they come to get the blessings of Love. Lord Krishna was born in this land around  Five thousand years ago. The holy place had witnessed many magics and the power of the god. Vrindavan is a small town of Mathura, having its importance. It is believed that the lord spent his childhood in this holy town and that is the main reason why Vrindavan worships the child form of Lord Krishna. The God here is so much loved by the people that you can find people and devotees treating him like a baby. Visiting this place is a truly unique experience in itself. The cities are speckled with ancient temples, ghats and other very enthralling crowd pleasers that will evoke a sense of spirituality in you. The beautiful temples of the city and the narrow chaotic serpentine lanes leading to them are an experience of a kind. Among hundreds of temples situated in Mathura Vrindavan, Peepleshwar Mahadeo Temple, Birla Mandir, Nandeshwar Mahadev Temple, and Kokilavan Dham find a special mention. You are bound to get confused with so many places to visit. The bona fide street food and the amazing cuisines will make anyone want to hog up everything with greed.

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