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5 Paramount Places to See Snowfall on North India Tour

When the winters are here we can imagine waking on a cold morning with a fog around us and wrapping our self all over with the warm clothes with lots of snacks you walk over the lanes just in search of the chill that makes you feel that you are in the place where you always wanted it to be and that is paramount places to see snowfall on North India tour. There are a lot of people who basically love to spend their time with their family and hence without any delay they just pack their bags and visit places where they can enjoy their family vacation or honeymoon. North India tour packages are available which include family vacation package and honeymoon package where people can enjoy their cheap family vacations. When we talk about winter holidays in India means people go there to enjoy the flakes of snow and there are so many beautiful places to visit in winter so 7 Paramount Places to See Snow Fall on North India tour are given below:

Gulmarg Jammu Kashmir: Pleasant Skiing and Snowboarding on North India Tour!



Gulmarg is the best place to see snow fall in India. It is situated around 880 km away from the national capital, tourists can easily access this beautiful place from Srinagar. People come here to see snowy peaks and enjoy freezing winds with blooming varieties of flowers and vast snow cover for skiing as well as a breathtaking ride in world’s highest cable car on North India tour. Who in this world would not want to see this place? A trip to Gulmarg is however incomplete without enjoying mouth-watering Kashmiri dishes.

Gulmarg is famous for being one of the best skiing destinations and snow places on North India tour. The exceptional beauty of Gulmarg and also it’s proximity to Srinagar attracts thousands of tourists every year. While Gulmarg is a delight in summers, it is probably more fun in winters when tourists can indulge in several adventure sports activities such as skiing, snowboarding, the famous Gondola cable ride, and trekking on North India tour. Panoramic views of the highest mountain peak in India, Mount Kanchenjunga can be enjoyed while here. Gulmarg also often acts as base camp for mountaineers on their way to climb the Nanga Parbat and peaks in the Pir Panjal Range.

Manali, Himachal Pradesh: It is the Must Visit on North India Tour!



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Manali is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India as the tourist can not resist to visit this place on North India tour and forget its beauty. Its emerald meadows, crystal clear rivers and the dancing drama of snowy sloping mounts and blue sky over the horizon are just amazing. In the winters this place among tourists is full because they love to take the pleasure of skiing and ice-skating on North India tour. It is situated at a distance of 270 km north of Shimla, Manali has nestled in River Beas Valley at a height of 2,050 meters above sea level. It is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh which is very famous hill station. We also can see gorgeous valleys across it on North India tour.  Manali and Rohtang Pass clubbed together are one of the most popular snow places in India. At Rohtang, blockages and traffic jams are common, so always check before you head out. People usually do not visit it in monsoon seasons to avoid the rain as it gets so much traffic there and hassles there on North India tour. It is not only beautiful but famous among the tourist too and hence people with knowing the traffic jams still love to visit it.

Nainital, Uttarakhand: North India Tour’s Beautiful Hill Station!


Nainital Lake

Nainital is one of the best choices to visit in winters where one would enjoy the chilly area. It lies 274 km from the national capital city, Nainital not only serves as a refreshing weekend escape but it is also quite popular for honeymoon visitors as lots of couples visit this place on North India tour. The best time to visit the place is December to January when Nanda Devi Peak looks stunning in a white cover and you can feel the chill in the breeze while snow covered trekking routes are seen. A leisure walk along the beautiful Naina Lake is also a must thing to do on North India tour. It is to complete your lovely experience and amazing journey in Nainital as it is most popular hill station of Kumaon district. It is famous for its Naini Lake located at the center of the town and several other lakes of nearby areas. While the Nainital district where the lake is situated it is also rich in flora and fauna.

Yumthang, North Sikkim: Everlasting Snow Heaven on North India Tour!

Yumthang Valley

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People love to visit yumthang as they love to enjoy the snow and are snow person then why not they visit the beautiful destination in North Sikkim to quench their desire to play, enjoy and stay in the snow on North India tour. Yumthang Lake is the main attractions in the winter season in North Sikkim for those who are prepared to ready to face harsh climate as the reward for this small sacrifice comes in a way of spectacular views and incredible nature’s beauty with amazing thrill. North Sikkim is one of those places where snow can be found almost throughout the year. However, most of the areas here are prone to blockages and being shut down due to heavy snow. So, it’s advisable to always and always check and confirm before you plan a North India tour and include this heaven. Snow enthusiasts should avoid visiting this place during the monsoon season as the snow starts melting and heavy rains are witnessed. Who would want to miss this beautiful place on North India tour? Yumthang is also known as the Yumthang valley of flowers as it has over twenty-four species of the state flower. The flowering season is from late February and to mid-June when countless flowers bloom to carpet the valley in multicolored hues of the rainbow. Skiing is also conducted in the valley hence these all factors make people visit this place desperately on North India tour.

Sonmarg, Jammu and Kashmir: Paradise Full of Snow on North India Tour!



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It is one of those few hill stations in India where snow can be witnessed till April on North India tour. It is because of the high altitude that keeps the snow from melting for longest of time. This hill destination lets the snow lovers enjoy an extended period of winter on North India tour.

It is located about 80 km from Srinagar which is another winter destination in India. It is irresistible to visit this place on North India tour. People will also encounter road blocks and landslides during the heavy snow season and therefore it is advised to check the weather report prior adding Sonmarg in North India tour places. Glaciers, frozen lakes and snow carpets are seen in Sonamarg. And why not Sonamard is known as The Meadow of Gold which is any snow lover’s paradise in winters. A popular destination among the snow and mountain lovers. This place is covered with a beautiful sheet of snow in the peak winters and is a sight to see and experience on North India tour. It’s also a great place for trekking and river rafting. Thajiwas Glacier is a must visit place on North India tour if you are going to Sonamarg in the summer season. Sonamarg is a city with a significant rainfall even in the driest month there is a lot of rain.

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh: Amazing District to see Snow on North India Tour!


Tawang Gate

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Winter in Tawang is probably the best time to visit on North India tour as it is covered in snow. Tawang absolutely looks like the piece of heaven has fallen on earth because is so catchy to your eyes and beautiful too which makes it the place with full of nature’s beauty on North India tour. Tawang also houses 400 years old Buddhist Monastery that catches the eyes of the tourists and is hence an important center for pilgrimage for Buddhists all over India. The best part of the North India tour would be to visit the Sela Pass, which is situated at an altitude of 13, 700 feet. A hidden beauty in the North-east, Tawang is the place to be if one wants to experience nature at it’s finest on North India tour. Sky high, mountains full of snow, beautiful waterfalls and dense forests, you’ll find it all at Tawang. The snowfall season in Tawang is mainly during December and January. On North India tour, it is a place to be for all snow lovers who love to enjoy the snow.

Kufri, Himachal Pradesh: You can’t go Wrong With!



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Kufri is a skiing hotspot and is one of the popular winter holiday destinations in India in comparison to other places. This little place is must to visit on North India tour because Himachal Pradesh transforms into a heaven during winters. The white snow spread all over gives a very refreshing and chilly look feels like a cherry on the top of the cake that how amazing Kufri would be to visit on North India tour.This place is surrounded by pines. Kufri has a Himalayan wildlife zoo which hosts rare antelopes, felines, and birds including the Himalayan Monal, the state bird of Himachal Pradesh. During winter a meandering path through the plantations turns into a popular skiing track on North India tour. The Indira Tourist Park which is famous for providing an amazing view of the location around, Kufri bungalow which is famous for statues and architecture and Kufri fun world which is an amusement park to enjoy as various rides and pools are available which is the best thing to being seen and are memorable for family vacations on North India tour.

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