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Beautiful Places to Visit Neighboring Shimoga in Karnataka Tour Packages

Mundane life can become tedious from time of time with the same routine, going to work then home. In order replenish your natural energy, it is essential to take some time off to recharge. Travelling can be a good way to soothe your mind and learn more about the world. Family trips or Karnataka tour packages can be helpful for everyone, as it brings the family together to make good memories and spend time with each other. Tours bring adventure into your lives and is a good way to meet new people and learn about different cultures. It is believed that psychologically, beautiful places can help pacify or relieve the stress from the mind. And what better way to do that, then to visit the most amazing and exotic place such as India. Karnataka tour packages include places that will remain with you for life.

India, the Land of Wonders:

India with its culture and treasurable spots is a magnificent tourism spot. With one the richest culture and history, the country is considered as home to various people of different backgrounds, religions and races living together for thousands of years. The rich history of the country can easily be perceived with the ancient artifacts that can be found in country. With a significant number of forts, temples and ancient monuments, India is full of archeological landmarks that entice the interest of many travelers across the globe. There are also extraordinary places to visit for holidays that provide beautiful sights and are perfect to spend vacations. Karnataka is considered one of the most popular tourist spots in the country. Karnataka tour packages include many breathtaking places to visit. Places included in Karnataka tour packages are one of its kind. They are unique and most leave a magical spell on you for a long time.

Karnataka Tour Packages Offers:

Karnataka is the eighth largest state in India, previously called as the State of Mysore, it is home to second largest number of monuments that have been put under protection in the country. Karnataka is the heart of tourism for India as Karnataka tour packages offer diverse sightseeing with its interesting sculptured temples, ancient monuments, advanced cities and the extravagant natural beauty. The State is over-flowing with a view to die for, with picturesque hills range spreading throughout and the green forestry with animal parks and the beautiful beaches to complete the Karnataka tour packages. Karnataka tour packages offers amusement for tourists with all kinds of interest, whether it be towards visiting ancient memorial places or enjoying the natural beauty by hiking up the hills or seeing the forests, or resting up and enjoying the beaches and the ocean. Thus these places are largely packed with tourists throughout the year, especially during summer breaks. Many companies offer exciting Karnataka tour packages according to the needs of the tourist. Karnataka tour packages propose visits to all of the famous spots across the state.

Famous Spots in Karnataka:

The south western state has loads of places for tourists to visit for a perfect holiday experience. The Karnataka tour packages include places like:

·         Bangalore: Karnataka Tour Packages’ Strength


Bangalore Palace

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The capital of Karnataka also called the ‘Garden City of India’ is famous for its palaces, gardens, parks and temples. This places can’t be missed in Karnataka tour packages. The historical palaces of like Tipu Sultan’s palace, Bangalore palace, Cubbon park, Lalabagh garden and Bannerghatta park are most popular among visitors and are compelling enough for a re-visit. It is a must to be in Karnataka tour packages.

·         Chikmagalur District: Karnataka Tour Packages’ Priority



Popular for its intriguing background story, the hill top town is thought to have been a part of the dowry for the famous chief of Sakrepatna. The site is popular among coffee lovers and nature lovers. It is for well-known coffee plantations and beautiful mountains and forest that are a must to be in Karnataka tour packages. It helps you unwind and should be added in Karnataka tour packages.

·        Coorg: Must to be in Karnataka Tour Packages



Photo Credit : rajeeshtk from pixabay

Another hill top region, Coorg is the most popular hilltop station in Karnataka and is famous for its serene view of the mountains, hills and forest. The breath-taking scenery has led it to the list of top Karnataka places. Karnataka tour packages are incomplete without this region’s inclusion.

·        Mysore and Hampi: Karnataka Tour Packages’ Supreme Place



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With the richest cultural and historical background both Mysore and Hampi are one of the most visited places in all Karnataka. Its popularity keep it in Karnataka tour packages all the time. Historian and Archeologists from all over the world seek to gain knowledge about the history of the place as well as the monuments. Mysore palace, Mysore zoo and Chamundi Hill Temple are largely packed with tourists throughout the year. They are considered as the best tourist spots in the second biggest city of Karnataka i.e. Mysore. These are the main reasons, they are part of Karnataka tour packages. The village of Hampi is popular for its historical important in the imperial monopoly as it stands on the ruins of another imperial city of Vijayanagara. Karnataka tour packages offer visits to both the locations to gain insight on ancient facts that have impacted the structure of civilization present in those parts. Karnataka tour packages are considered incomplete without paying a visit to these two places.

·        Bandipur National Park: Karnataka Tour Packages’ Forte


Periyar Tiger Reserve

Located at the border of Karnataka and 80km from Mysore, the list of top tourist places in Karnataka is incomplete without the famous Bandipur National Park. Karnataka tour packages have to have this place included. The huge forest park is a haven for wild-life protected by the government. The park has about 70 tigers and 3000 elephants with leopards, sloths, bear, and gaurs with a number of varying species of birds. The park provides safari services to visitors and is thus very popular especially during summer vacations. Karnataka tour packages have this park marked as a must visit Karnataka destination for its popularity particularly among younger tourists.

Shimoga – the must visit Karnataka Destination:


With the serene views of hills, mesmerizing waterfalls, green forests, beautiful flowery fields the district of Shimoga is the ideal place to be included in Karnataka tour packages. The district is popular for its natural beauty and monumental diversity. Situated in the mid south-western part of Karnataka, the Shimoga district comprises of river-valleys, lakes and majestic forests with the hills adding more to its beauty. The place is rich with historical reference associate the imperial dynasties and has been ruled by a number of rulers. Karnataka tour packages include this place for its ancient feel and beauty it radiates. Karnataka tour packages offer a visit to the prodigious of places that can’t be found in all of Karnataka destinations. Some of the most sought out tourist places in Karnataka that can be found in Shimoga district are:

1.      Jog falls – The Niagara falls of South-West India:


Jog Falls

Photo Credit : sarangib from pixabay

With its foggy and enchanting view the Jog falls has never failed to pique the interest of tourists. It is considered as one of nature’s most beautiful miracles and is popular part of Shimoga tour. The water from the waterfall is supplied by the Sharavathi river. How can one miss this view in Karnataka tour packages? The water from the waterfall is split in such a way that each share of the water is given a unique name such as Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rocket. The picturesque beauty waterfall adds a charm to its surrounding area making it irresistible. How can Karnataka tour packages not include this breathtaking magical place? it’s a must to be in the list.

2.      Kodachadri Hills – Your Trekking Dreamland:

Situated at a height of 4411 feet above sea level, the Kodachadri hills are beautiful and challenging in their appearance with the lush forest adding to its enchantment. Karnataka tour packages’ value increase with this place in the list. The challenging nature of the hills make people want to climb all the way to the top. Many trekking expeditions are arranged throughout the year for tourists to track to the top of the hill. For an adventurous traveler, this expedition is an essential part of the Karnataka tour packages. Karnataka tour packages also provide the facility for backpacking and trekking on the Kodanchadri hills.

3.      Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary – remote and beautiful:


The island of Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary situated in the river Tunga is in itself a model of aesthetic beauty. The magical feel is what makes it part of Karnataka tour packages. Another preservation of wild-life, the island is home to a number of majestic birds like darter, egret, snake-bird and cormorant etc during the months from July to October. So it is ideal for photographer and bird watchers to visit the island and witness these impressive creatures. The Mandagadde Island is part of the natural beauty sightseeing in Karnataka tour packages which is not to be missed out on.

4.      Gudavi Bird Sanctuary – Mesmerizing Heaven of Bird

This sanctuary is situated in the town of Sorab, near the bank of Gudavi lake. This place is a must visit for passionate bird watchers. The mesmerizing view has to be part of Karnataka tour packages. Its captivating beauty that attracts and serves as a home for many species of birds like white ibis, cormorant, pariah kite, Indian shag, grebe, fowl that migrate there during the july throughout October. This place is a must visit as part of Karnataka tour packages.

5.      Tyavarekoppa – The animal’s hangout place:

Situated at distance of 10km from the Shimoga, Tyavarekoppa is just your run of the mill place that the animals as well as humans are particularly fond of. This is the best to visit with your family in all of Karnataka destinations. Make sure to have this in Karnataka tour packages. Inhabited with a lot of majestic creatures that can be witnessed from the zoo, this spot has gained its popularity from its friendly family park theme.

6.      Sacred Heart Church – The structural prodigy:

The marvelous architecture of the church and the statue of Jesus is the evident source of admiration for the church. It also represents the religious acceptance of a minority with the monumental and ancient building. This is pious place and should be in Karnataka tour packages.

7.      Linganamakki Dam – The magnificence of human construct:

Covering an area of 2.4 km, the giant dam is situated 6km from Jog falls. The giant structure of dam is an attractive factor for the sake of travelers as they watch tons of water gushing through the gates in huge fogs. This mega construction should be a part of Karnataka tour packages.

8.     Sakrebailu Elephant Camp – Elephant training camp:


Sakrebailu Elephant Camp

Photo Credit : wikimedia

In Sakrebailu Elephant Camp, you can witness the training of herds of Elephants. As strange as it sounds, this place actually exists and is popular for its uniqueness. It is located 14 km from Shimoga, with a great many travelers visiting throughout the year to be amazed. The animals make sure to include this in Karnataka tour packages. And is a part of the Shimoga tours with the best response from tourists. Karnataka tour packages are incomplete without this place in the list.


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