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Top 5 Places to See in Tiruvannamalai on Tamil Nadu Tour

If you’re currently taking a Tamil Nadu tour then you would definitely want to visit Tiruvannamalai. Tiruvannamalai is a town in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. With all its exotic beauty, India is popular for its spirituality on Tamil Nadu tour. Many tourists from across the globe come to cleanse their soul and learn from the teachings of great Hindu philosophers and spiritual leaders. Tiruvannamalai with all its temples and ashrams provide a place for teaching and meditation to the visitors on Tamil Nadu tour. The small town situated at the foot of the Annamalai hill and offers a great view and natural beauty on Tamil Nadu tour. The hill is considered sacred and a representation of Shiva, the Agni God. Most of the temples are dedicated to Shiva and have a marvelous architecture with attractive scriptures on the inside wall. These temples are a memory to  never forget on Tamil Nadu tour.

It is a popular tourist spot for its deep religious connection to Shiva. There are a number of Ashrams and Spiritual caves for people to visit and spend their vacations on Tamil Nadu tour. Tiruvannamalai offers is a tourist spot for all the people on a religious pilgrimage as well as those who are seeking spiritual guidance. The Ashrams are home to many and offer lodging and teachers to guide them on their path. You would not want to miss out on the chance to visit the places on Tamil Nadu tour where many philosophers and religious scholars spent their time in finding inner peace. A tourist from all over the world come to this place and return home with peace of mind after Tamil Nadu tour. These places have architectural and historic value as well and are remembered for their rich history. The top 5 places to see in Tiruvannamalai are:

1.      Annamalaiyar Temple – The Abode of Shiva to Visit on Tamil Nadu Tour


Located in Tiruvannamalai at the base of Annamalai hills is the most popular temple for tours. Annamalaiyar temple is a sacred temple dedicated to Shiva, the South Indian deity who is considered the god of all countries. It was built to honor the divine deity Shiva with the most prestige. Considered as the most important temple Thiruvannamalai, the temple has been symbolized for one the different forms of Shiva. And is a great place to visit on Tamil Nadu tour for all of you who are interested in learning about Shiva. This temple is associated with ‘agni’ the element of fire as one of many forms of Shiva is ‘fire’. Hence the name Annamalaiyar temple has been given to the temple.

Annamalaiyar Temple

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The temple is on the list of the biggest temples in India covering 10 hectares and should be visited on Tamil Nadu tour. The temple has four huge towered gateways and houses many halls that are remarkable in their own way on Tamil Nadu tour. The architecture of the place speaks more about its religious and spiritual connection. With its halls and shrines, the place has a spiritual beauty that has the ability to draw people in on Tamil Nadu tour. The decoration of the temple pillars is done with ancient scriptures and illustrations of pre-historic era. Inscriptions are present on the wall that represent the history and story of the place on Tamil Nadu tour. The best time to visit the temple is during the festivals like Karthikai Deepam celebrated during the month of Krithika and you should Tamil Nadu tour in that season. The place is a must visit on Tamil Nadu tour for its religious ‘zeal and zest’ and for the historic and spiritual value, it holds.

2.     Skandasramam – The Cave of Divine Spirits to see on Tamil Nadu Tour

Skandasramam is a cave near Arunachaleshwar temple close to the Ramana Ashram. The Skandasramam is a spiritual cave with a religious history and is one of the most visited spots of Tiruvannamalai on Tamil Nadu tour. The story behind is the cave is that it is believed to be the place of stay for Saint Ramana when he visited Tiruvannamalai. In the cave of Skandasramam, the Saint Ramana taught darshan, so many of his followers came to the cave to study it from him. The cave is to the side of a mountain and can be reached through Ramanashramam by crossing a well-built path on Tamil Nadu tour.

Skandasramam Temple

Skandasramam Temple

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The place is ideal for meditation and is usually used for that purpose. A long trek is needed to reach the cave through a set of trees and jungle on Tamil Nadu tour. The trek and the cave itself are part of the spiritual experience provided by Skandasramam. The site usually offers a pilgrimage feeling to the traveler and cleanses their soul as they meditate in the cave on Tamil Nadu tour. It is popular among travelers for its spirituality and the soothing walk up to the cave. The rocky path up is easy to follow and the trees along the side make the whole experience more serene on Tamil Nadu tour. The rocks also serve the purpose of providing a place to meditating in the clean air away from city air on Tamil Nadu tour. The view from the path is also spectacular, as you look down you can have a picturesque scene of Tiruvannamalai.

3.      Gingee Fort – the Voice of History to Experience on Tamil Nadu Tour

160 kilometers from Chennai, the state capital, Gingee Fort is present in the Villupuram District. Gingee Fort is considered one of the remaining forts in Tamil Nadu. Gingee fort also known as the Senji Fort is one of the most visited tourist spots on Tamil Nadu tour. The Fort is close to Pudcherry Union Territory. Known for its strength, the fort is considered so secure that it earned the remark from Shivaji, the King of Maratha, that it is the ‘most impregnable fortress in India’. The British called it the ‘Troy of East’ referring to the city of ‘Troy’ from Greek mythology. This is the main reason for the overwhelming popularity of the Gingee Fort.

Gingee Fort

The current Gingee Fort is not the original Fort. The original Gingee Fort was built in the 9th century by the Chola Dynasty but it was relatively smaller. After the rebuilt of the fort in the 13th century and is dedicated to the effort of Shivaji. Time has taken a toll on the Fort’s strength but the architecture of the place remains intact to this day. The architecture of the Fort offers an outstanding beauty to the viewers on Tamil Nadu tour. The place has ancient and historical value and speaks of the number of battles it has withstood. The countless stories regarding the fort attract many tourists from India and from abroad on Tamil Nadu tour. The Gingee Fort is believed to have been retired from its duties by the British when it fell to them to their rule. In 1921, it was declared as a national monument because of its valuable architecture and historic value and is now a popular tourist spot in Thiruvannamalai on Tamil Nadu tour.

4.      Mamara Guhai – The Mango Tree Cave of Peace to Unwind on Tamil Nadu Tour


Mamara Guhai is located in foothills of Thiruvannamalai. This is a temple cave that has religious proceeding in its precincts. The cave is known to have been a meditation place for Sri Ramana Maharashi for six years. The temple has great religious importance is visited by people for their holy pilgrimage on Tamil Nadu tour. Mamara Guhai literally means ‘Mango tree cave’ because of the mango tree overlooking the cave. The temple cave can be reached by a small hike up the hill offering a breathtaking view on Tamil Nadu tour. The place us popular for its stunning natural beauty and spiritual energy that helps with the meditation on Tamil Nadu tour. The temple has a number of inside the temple, each one of the idol is committed to a God or Goddess.

As the trip from the start of the walk up the mountain begins, the spiritual energy rises on Tamil Nadu tour. The mind and soul are believed to be in complete sync and are cleansed as you move forward. The views provide a captivating beauty that is good for the eyes and the heart on Tamil Nadu tour. Then as you pass the mango tree and move toward the temple the spiritual energy increases and affects your energy on Tamil Nadu tour. The meditation inside the temple can help you achieve piece and completes the pilgrimage experience on Tamil Nadu tour. The tourists from far and wide come to achieve the peace of mind at this place.

5.      Ramana Ashram – The Place of Spiritual Enlightenment on on Tamil Nadu tour


Located at the bottom of the Archana hill Thiruvannamalai, the Sri Ramana Ashram is a place for spiritual connection with oneself. An ashram is a place of peace for people all over the world who want get away from the busy life of cities with all the hustle and bustle. This should be on Tamil Nadu tour list to help you relax and unwind. It helps the people calm and gives them a peace of mind. So if you want to refresh your mind and be spiritually enlightened, then this place should be on your list to visit on Tamil Nadu tour. The modern sage and philosopher, Ramana Maharshi, lived at this place throughout his lifetime. During his life, many followers visited the ashram to seek his guidance and be educated his way of the world. After his death, the followers continued to swarm to the ashram as his devotees to this present day.

Sri Ramana Library

Photo Credit : Sri Ramanasramam

The ashram offers accommodation to its visitors in order to provide its teaching to the people to practice on Tamil Nadu tour. Many writers have visited the ashram and have written books after learning the ‘ways of the great saint Ramana Maharashi’. The author Paul Brunton and Arthur Osborne dedicated their books to the teachings at the ashram. David Goodman also dedicated his book to the ashram and is still living near it. Many people also visit the ashram after reading their book and relate to the experience on Tamil Nadu tour. Tourists come to meditate at the ashram to achieve peace of mind and learn to calm their souls on Tamil Nadu tour.

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