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Chapora Fort is a Must Visit on Goa Tour

Goa tour is a must plan in your travelling list. Goa comes to our mind as a feel that it is the most beautiful place where large numbers of international and domestic tourists visit every year and why not? Because of the best Goa beaches, places of worship, world heritage architecture and rich flora and fauna makes it one of the amazing places to visit in India. People have kept in mind Goa tour as a holiday destination or as their honeymoon tour. From a family vacation packages to honeymoon packages it also provides amazing Goa holiday packages throughout Goa tour. Chapora fort is one of the best places to visit on Goa tour for a family vacation. Make sure to include it in your Goa tour package as it’s a never to miss the place!

Chapora Fort – Rich with History to Experience on Goa Tour

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Chapora Fort is popular for its history, as the fort was built by the Portuguese in 1617 for the defense of their territories from the Marathas. Before the Portuguese, Adil Shah rulers of Bijapur had built a fort. After the reign of Adil Shah, the Portuguese took control of the fort and rebuilt it in 1617. It was rebuilt for the defense of their territories in the face of several attacks by the Marathas. The Portuguese built underground tunnels in the fort to escape during times of emergency. The Portuguese ruled this famous Goa tour place for more than 150 years. Marathas under Sambhaji conquered the fort twice. The Portuguese again gained control over the fort and in 1892 the fort was abandoned after the frontier expanded further north. Today, the fort is in ruins and one can get to see the entry points of the two tunnels built by the Portuguese to escape during an emergency. Its history shines through when you pay a visit to it on Goa tour.

Goa Tour Should Include Chapora Fort Visit

The fort still has a lot of glories as its top Goa tourist place to visit and to see the beautiful panoramic view and to relax on Goa tour. The Fort is located in Bardez which rises high above the Chapora River. Chapora Fort is such a beautiful and pleasant place to wander that offers fantastic views to the north across the Chapora river to Pernem, south over Vagator and also far out to the Arabian Sea in the West. Goa tour can be memorable by visiting this monument. The fort is in the position where you can have a look around of all the direction in one go on Goa tour. One can also enjoy the steep slopes on all sides. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery on a family Goa tour. Chapora Fort follows the outline of the higher slopes. Basically, a natural valley to the beach protected by rocky promontories provides an excellent natural access to the sea. Inside the fort, you can also see a church which has few signs now. On the other side of Fort, you can also see herds of goats grade and cashew bushes grow. Chapora fort is a very popular for Goa tourist place that attracts and mesmerize everyone on Goa tour. The shooting of the Hindi Bollywood movie Dil Chahta Hai was at the fort also added to the forts popularity as people love to come and see this place. There are many accommodation options near the fort like hotels and resorts where one can also get accommodation in the guesthouses near the fort on Goa tour. Goa tour packages can include hotels that are near this fort. Make sure to grab honeymoon Goa tour package that has this fort in the vicinity of your hotel.

Beaches to Visit on Goa Tour

It’s not about the fort only but also about the things which you can do near chapora fort on Goa tour which is given below:

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It is 0.2 miles from chapora fort. This Vagator Goa beach is beautiful to lay on a sun bed and watch the world go by. It does not get so crowded and is well worth a visit on Goa tour.

Chapora Beach:

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It is 0.3 miles from chapora fort. This Goa beach is good and clean which is located in North Goa. You can easily find some easy place to relax at this beach with some good eating options. Near Chapora fort, this beach has a fantastic view and provide good full spending in water. Not only Indians but also foreigners visit this place as well on Goa tour.

Morjim Beach:

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It is 0.9 miles from chapora fort. It is a long broad and almost plain Goa beach with shacks lined throughout it. This Morjim beach is ideal for a perfect Goa beach day picnic filled with activities as the wide beaches provide to ample space to get your sport out on Goa tour. This beach is not so popular but still one of the best beaches in North Goa. It also offers water sports which are organized in the evening.

Ozran Beach:

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It is 0.8 miles from chapora fort. This is the most beautiful of all Goa beaches that are why Goa Tourism promote this beach a lot. One can spend a full day with fresh air, joyful motor boat ride, a nice sea bath and a lot of enjoyment on Goa tour. To the left, another World famous beach, Anjuna and to the right, the chapora fort is seen. 

Anjuna Beach:

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It is 1.8 miles from chapora fort. It is a serene rocky Goa beach with small shacks lined up the whole beach and coconut palms behind you giving a perfect beach day backdrop. The sunset here with golden sun rays is a sight to watch on Goa tour.

That is why the most famous of all the forts is Chapora Fort as this place offers a panoramic view of other beaches which are mentioned above.

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