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Top 9 Night Clubs In Goa


We, Yatramantra are going to list down the Top 10 night clubs in Goa we would suggest for our guests to visit and have an hassle free night on the beaches of Goa. As all our travelers know it has one of the best night life’s in India. Goa is divided by two, northern and southern Goa. Night life in Goa has a different vibe every beach shack you head out to. India night life has been uprising slowly with the trends Goa night life is setting to all the travelers by supplying them with all the different need the travelers have.

Travelers tend to come back to these magical sands of Goa for a quick getaway. Goa is said to be the most unparalleled destination to submerge oneself in the youthful passion of life and joy which Goa offers definitely. Goa is almost synonymous with the unrestrained and overflowing spirit of party and revelry. Nightlife at Goa is the most chanted reason for the outburst of tourist in Goa. From exotic food to thrilling and maddening experience which are given to travelers on the sands of Goa.

Top night clubs in Goa are generally really crowded on a party night. We recommend you to make reservations or get to the event as early as possible. Nothing compares the night life in Goa. Thanks to its beautiful beaches and travelers who make this place an amazing hot-spot to visit. For travelers who are traveling to Goa for the first time, has to experience the night life in Goa and if you’ve already visited you know the kind of paradise Goa is with the breathtaking beaches and parties. Here are the top 10 night clubs in Goa:


LPK (Love passion Karma):

This is one of the Top 10 Night clubs in Goa,This bar is located at Nerul, North Goa. This club is a remarkable club which entertain all their guests with various party entertainers. This club has the night life north Goa, LPK is surrounded by Sculpted terracotta statues, It is the most exotic location in Goa and boasts opulence from the moment you step foot. This club has a very unique kind of lifestyle which differentiates with other kind of clubs in this region. This said to be one of the top night clubs in Goa which offers various genre of music which seems to suit all the party lover who visit this place.You can take long walks along the water and revel in the riverside romance or dance the night away to the latest hits on LPK’s specially sculpted indoor dance floor. Nerul has both kinds of Goan beaches. LPK is know for their breathtaking cocktails and various different types of concoction served by their highly skilled bartenders who participate in their daily night life routines. People come to Goa to lose and unwind themselves, Well this night club understands their customer needs and they try to meet every single persons need. That’s why its rated as on of top night clubs in Goa. It’s also know as one of the best clubs in India. The entry charges including unlimited drinks for a couple is somewhere around RS 1500/- and around RS 800/- for a single person.

Silent Noise:

Well not all parties are loud this one the best clubs in India because of its very unique feature, These are silent parties but they are loud. This beats a lot of the best night life in north Goa because of its very unique concept behind the partying life style of Goa. This unique bar is situated in Palolem beach , because the local community banned music after 10 pm, Silent noise came up with this unique idea to host silent parties so that the goan partying lifestyle doesn’t get affected by the rules put up by the local company. This silent club is open until 4 am or more , you’d never know. Even though its a silent club it doesn’t affect the crowds needs as all needs are met on an everyday basis. Silent Noise comes up with various diffrent theme nights which makes travelers wanting to come back and get Isolated in a different way. The entry to this club is around RS 600/- including headphones which is a must.


Cafe Mambo:

This is one of the top 10 night clubs in Goa which offers a very unique kind of a party experience. Te partying stlye which is followed come from Ibiza lifestyle of partying. Cafe Mambo is located at Sant Antoni de Pormany, Ibiza , baga, Goa. This club provides unmatched standards of service where other top night clubs in Goa don’t offer. This is a top night club in Goa who hosts legendary parties where legendary DJ’s play their sets and take you to their side of the world. This is a must to visit. One of the est night life places in Goa because of all the amazing traveler who visit this magical club. This club is on titos lane, baga, Goa.his beautiful modern beach front club hosts party animals from all over the world. There is an eclectic mix of English, Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, Finnish, Danish, Swedish and Indians , all with the same aim of partying hard and fast.


This is a fine new bar which has come up where people jam to live acoustic music savor the various different cuisines offered to them and sip on their signature cocktails while they have acoustic music playing in the background. This place is recommended to travelers who want a change from their partying lifestyle. Cohiba is one of the top night clubs in Goa where there is an different Goan vibe which is encountered here. India night life is a little bit different here where this club has an al fresco area plus indoor seating, with the walls packed with photographs and high chairs with tangerine upholstery which makes it one of the best clubs in India. Cohiba offers a wide range of spirits which sends you directly to Havana with its Cuban flair. the music is no doubt , the center of attraction for all the travelers who visit here. Cohiba is situated in Candolime beach north Goa and its costs RS 1500/- for two aprox.

UV bar:

This is one of the Top 10 Night clubs in Goa, This one of every travelers choice to go to UV bar on a Wednesday night for it raging party night.This place is one of the top night clubs in Goa. UV bar is situated in north Goa and it redefines the night life in North Goa. This is one of the most eye catching bar for its various different shades of UV light that is reflected on their dance floor while they host Themed legendary parties which redefines all of the standards set in India night life.The bar is known for touching the heights of revelry by organizing parties even during monsoons which makes it the best night life in north Goa.Their weekly routine includes a variety of music including special Psychedelic Trance Parties on Mondays and Sundays and techno parties on Wednesday. These are the preferred days which travelers who visit this night club choose to come. This bar is filled with light shows, Entertainment with fire and its raging psychedelic music which constantly echos the market roads of Anjuna beach, Goa. This bar doesn’t put much pressure on the pockets of budget travelers, That’s why this is one of the best night life in north Goa.

Club Titto’s :

Run by Ricardo and David, two sons of the owner Tito. Who attracts people from across the globe since 1971. Located in baga, Goa. Ever since it’s opening the bar has stood for the hippy ethos of the 70’s and offers services to please its visitors. That’s why its know to be one of the best clubs in India, Goa. The popularity of the bar is evident in the way the entire lane on which the bar is located has come to be known as Tito’s lane. This club redefines night life in India by its Hippy hospitality and its a Hub to thousands of party goers, Tito is fully equipped with glasses and a high tech music system to provide an unmatched experience. From energizing cocktails to spacious courtyards for dinner. Tito is ever ready to please its visitor. They offer various ranges of parties every night playing various gen res of music for the traveler who come and visit this club. These are the few reasons why this is listed as on of the best night life places in Goa.


The Liquid Sky Lounge:

This club offers a very unique vibe with its exuberant music is known to all its lovers, the ultimate use of electronics to create an experience of ultimate joy is the distinction of this bar. Drinks are not so expensive and the dance floor is always fraught with energetic people. This bar has a very hippy hospitality which make it one of the best night life places in Goa. Top night clubs in Goa are generally expensive, but not this one its comparatively very cheap. The bar is highly inviting and lively. The bar is comparatively very affordable in terms of offering standard services but the quality of their standard services are impeccable , making the night life at Liquid sky Lounge memorable and hassle free.


Leopard Valley:

This is one of the Top 10 Night clubs in Goa,One of the best night life scenes in Goa welcome all our travelers to a club which is hidden in a valley between Agonda and Palolem, South Goa, The night life here is a haven for parties that go on till the wee hours of the morning, a club that has carved a niche since its launch a year ago. The decor is raw and blends with the greenery that surrounds it which make this place impeccable and one of the best clubs in India. It is a sight to behold at night with laser light shows, pyrotechnics, fire pits and a dazzling atmosphere. These entertainments aren’t offered at another top night clubs in Goa. In addition to the main dance floor is a sheltered dance floor with a long bar offering an elaborate cocktail menu and a state-of-the-arts sound system. With a host of guest DJ’s spinning the decks all throughout the season, Leopard Valley takes clubbing to a whole new level, and is in fact one of the biggest open air arenas in Goa, India. We highly recommend a visit here on Friday nights because of its outstanding services and night life in Goa.



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