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Top 5 Beaches In Goa

About Goa:

Us, Yatramantra are listing down for you the Top 5 beaches in Goa. This coastal town is a union territory in the country of India, These beaches are visited by domestic and foreign travelers throughout the year. These beaches are well maintained and there various different types of activities in and around beaches of Goa. There are various different types of tourist seeking various different needs in their travel. Goa is not only know for its beaches but for the food , cheap alcohol, adventure sports, the trance parties which everyone talks about and many more reasons.

Hotel booking in Goa is a must during the peak Goan seasons because of the number of tourists swamping in during that particular period of time. Beaches of Goa are not very far away from each other. The most convenient way to travel through all these beaches are through waterways or to rent a bike.

Goa beaches are well connected with various kinds of bus routes as well. There are more than couple of hundred beach resorts which are operating on the beaches of Goa. The places to visit in Goa is so vast in number, that couple of days is must needed to see and feel the various different types of cultural differences.

There are a huge variation of beaches from shallow waters to Hi-tide waves for surfing . The locals have active participation on these beaches.The most common languages spoken in Goa beaches are Konkani, Marathi , English. Goa tourism has created its own niche market in the world tourism market of beaches. That’s why this beaches is listed on top 5 beaches in Goa. 

  • Anjuna Beach:

This  beach  situated on the northern side of Goa, this beach is well know for its psychedelic parties hosted on this beach. Curlies is one psychedelic beach resort in Goa where the parties go on till 10am and a huge number of domestic and foreign travelers visit Curlies. This beach impacts Goa tourism in a a different way than most other beaches. There are other places also which are present on this beach, cafe Lilliput, UV bar, etc. These beaches are well maintained and the local have active participation in these beaches where they put up stalls for the tourists so they don’t need to leave the beaches.These beaches are mostly visited for its party kind of life style. Goa beaches are mainly know for its serene sunrises and sunsets, well not this one, You can hear raging psychedelic music every time you enter this beach. Places to visit in Goa Anjuna are numerous , Flea markets on Wednesdays are a must to visit while you’re in Anjuna. On these beaches of Goa adventure sporting activities take place while the rave’s are constantly happening on the beaches of Goa. Anjuna offers a various different lifestyle than other beaches. These beaches are covered with hills as the rave’s are hosted which makes these places cold at nights. 

This is an very off-beat beach which a lot visitors seek. These beaches are very serene and has its own vista. These beaches have a lot of foreign settlements which creates a very mixed community in Arambol. The guests who visit the beaches Arambol are not seeking parties but they are seeking various kinds of vistas and spirituality from the hills covering the beaches of Arambol and the beaches of Arambol.

Resorts in Goa Arambol are not many, but there are plenty of hostels and room that you can rent along the roads of Arambol market. Arambol Goa offers various different kinds of vistas because of the number of acoustic musicians creating a different vibe after a few hundred meters. This is a very mellow beach where you can rent out cycles and ride along the beaches in Goa at you’re own pace. Places to visit in Goa,Arambol(a must): Sweet lake, Banyan tree etc. Arambol plays a vital role in Goa tourism for its adventure sports and markets with various shades of Goa.That’s why this beaches is listed on top places to visit in Goa.

Arambol is basically of two beaches divided by a small cliff and the other side of the beach cant be accessed during Hi-tide waves. Arambol has various different kinds of restaurants offering different kinds of cuisines for the vast diversification of tourists visiting these beaches of Goa. These are the very few reasons why Arambol is on the top 5 beaches in Goa. 


  • Agonda Beach:

Goa Agonda beach is one of the most popular and also the best beach of India is the Agonda beach that is an absolute delight to the eyes. It is also said to be one of the most scenic beaches of Asia. Do you need any more reasons of why you must definitely visit Agonda beach whenever in Goa. Situated in South Goa, this beach sees all sorts of travelers. Backpackers, beach bums, swimmers, people who just sun bathe and relax and those who love meditating.

It has a piece of everything for any kind of tourist. You could also just read your favorite book in the company of cool breeze and the sound of the waves. Even though this beach is pretty popular among people, it comes as a surprise that it sees fewer crowds which means that you will also be treated to lots of privacy to do your own thing and is also a lot cleaner. Paragliding, windsurfing and swimming are the other water sports activities that you can do at Agonda. You could also rent a tent and camp by the shores of Agonda and star gaze the night away.

Trust us, you would not want to go back. Another best feature of this beach is the precious and rare Olive Ridley Turtles that you can see in the turtle center. If you love such sights, you must visit this attraction. These are a few reason why they are on the top 5 beaches in Goa.

The food since you know in Goa you will be served one of the best delicacies. There are several popular eateries around the beach and you do not have to travel too far to relish good food. And since it is situated at an hour’s drive from Margao station, there are no traveling woes that you need to deal with. This beach is well connected with bus routes and various other modes of transportation.

  • Cavelossim Beach:

Situated at the mouth of Sal River, Cavelossim beach is serene, flanked with paddy fields and coconut groves. There are many foreign settlements in this particular region of Goa beaches As most tourists head for the more popular beaches, Cavelossim witnesses less crowds. Its contrasting black rocks and white sand make it a delightful beach for a pleasant evening. That’s why its listed on top 5 beaches of Goa. 

 You will not able to resist falling love with the allure and charm of this beach that is also popular because it is relatively a lot less crowded than most beaches that you see in Goa. If you have been planning a holiday to Goa to get away from the city chaos and noise, a walk by this beach is all it will take for you to feel in peace and all rejuvenated. Beautifully flanked by coconut groves, the beach also houses many high end resorts. These beaches have less crowd so there is absolute isolation on these beaches. Cavelossim beach offers various different kinds of vistas on these beaches.

Goa beaches are getting crowded rapidly because of it self suntanning niche market which resorts in Goa, Adventure activity hosts , helps boosts Goa tourism. Palolem is an off beat beach which which has been attracting most of the foreign settlements to settle in this particular region. Its has an hefty amount of Portuguese influence in this region of Goa.

Palolem Beach is largely unspoiled and is inhabited by both local fishermen and by foreign tourists who live in shacks along the shore or in the main village itself. This in-habitance is an main attraction for this particular region of Goan beaches. That’s its on the top 5 beaches of Goa.This beach is one off the shallowest part of northern Goa which attracts different types of tourists who are seeking serenity and bliss on the beaches of Goa.

Hotel booking in Goa, Palolem is not needed because of its lack of tourist and beach resorts in Goa, Palolem. Resorts in Goa tends to attract a lot of foreign tourists. On the cliff of Palolem there is a point of interest called the “Money stone” an stone sculpture where people can give or take money at will. This point of interest is tough to reach due to its confusing trek routes and and hectic jungle walks. to reach this region a guide is recommended for travelers to visit this place.That’s why this beaches is listed on top places to visit in Goa


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