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Goa sees itself as one of the smallest yet most visited and popular states of India. The place is loved for its brilliant beaches, delicious food and Portuguese heritage, and that is the reason why this place sees maximum Indian and foreign tourists every year. The state stretches along the coastlines of the Arabian sea and thus has some of the exotic beaches of the country. Not to mention are its offerings like water activities, water sports, marine life, and seafood. The history of Goa is tragic. It was a Portuguese colony till 1961and thus still contains a flavor of it. One can find that out with the Portuguese styled architecture and the cuisine of the state. The state has a perfect amalgamation of Indian and Portuguese cultures and architecture. The place is also a prominent Catholic pilgrim, there are several important Churches and Cathedrals in this state. The place has been a dream location for the youngsters, heaven for the smugglers and a prominent party destination since ages. Goa and Alcohol go hand by hand and thus the state is always in a mood to party. There are lots of events and celebrations going on in Goa all year round and makes it a perfect celebration destination during new year and Christmas.

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