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Anamudi the highest peak (2695 m) south of the Himalayas, towers over the sanctuary in majestic pride. The slopes of the hills abound in all kinds of rare flora and fauna.The Atlas moth, the largest of its kind in the world, is a unique inhabitant of the park. Other rare species of fauna found here are the Nilgiri Langur, the lion-tailed macaque, leopards, tigers, etc.

An ideal place for trekking, facilities are provided here and tourists are allowed to go on foot up to Anamudi.A protected area, the sanctuary is divided into three regions –the core area, the buffer area and the tourism area. Visitors are allowed only to the tourism area – Rajamalai – the region lying beyond the road entry into Eravikulam. Here one can observe the Nilgiri Tahr at close quarters. Don’t make this your destination for a monsoon visit because visitors are not allowed here during this season.

The peak is not exceptionally dramatic in terms of steepness or local relief and is a Fault-block mountain. It is located in the southern region of Eravikulam National Park at the junction of the Cardamom Hills, the Anamala Hills and the Palani Hills. The nearest town is Munnar, 13 kilometres (8.1 mi). The easiest route to the summit of Anamudi is a technically easy hike on grass slopes, starting from a rolling hill plateau with a base elevation of about 2,000 metres (6,600 ft). The north and south slopes are gentle, while the east and west slopes are steeper, with more difficult rock faces. The heavy evergreen forests are present with bamboos, black-wood (Dalbergia latifolia), and teak growing in abundance. The heavy forest with which the range is clothed is the source of the most valuable of the rivers which traverse the drier country to the east, namely the Vaigai, and Thamirabarani ; and the waters of the Periyar, which flows into the Arabian Sea.

Don’t make this your destination for a monsoon visit because visitors are not allowed here during this season.

Best Season: September- May 

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  • This place is very popular for trekking safari. a pleasant view from the top…The highest top in South India…

  • At an altitude of 2,695 metres, Anamudi is the most suitable place for trekkers. Anamudi is the highest mountain in the Western Ghats. Also recognised as Everest of South India.

    The peak is located inside Eravikulam National Park. Remember, it is not allowed to walk the peak until the end. Still, the scenes are breathtaking. But, fog regularly wraps up in winter.

    It is highly recommended to keep the entry passes online unless be ready to stand in a queue.

  • A peaceful place where we can find tranquillity and positive energy. Don’t mind the traffic it’s worth it if you are a nature enthusiast.

  • One of the most desirable places in Idukki and is highly suggested for a visit…
    It is advised for the students who are interested in journey and history

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