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Beautiful Places to Visit Neighboring Shimoga in Karnataka Tour Packages

Mundane life can become tedious from time of time with the same routine, going to work then home. In order replenish your natural energy, it is essential to take some time off to recharge. Travelling can be a good way to soothe your mind and learn more about the world. Family trips or Karnataka tour packages can be helpful for everyone, as it brings the family together to make good…


Coorg- A Nature Aficionado’s Paradise in Karnataka

Looking forward to a break from the daily hustle? Disgruntled by the increasing pollution in your city? Want some time off in nature’s lap? If yes, then you must definitely scroll down through this article on Coorg, the hidden jewel of Karnataka. India has numerous regions that have nabbed the nature’s eternal beauty in many facades, right from imposing and blissful Himalayas in the North to serene backwaters and exotic…


5 Best Hill Stations in Karnataka for Honeymoon

  Honeymoons for newly married couples usually take the form of a trip. It is believed that if the couple has some alone time away from home, they get more time to get to know each other better, know their likes and dislikes and bond with one another. People usually think that taking trips as honeymoon buys them some alone time in which they can comfortably get closer to each…