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5 Best Hill Stations in Karnataka for Honeymoon


Honeymoons for newly married couples usually take the form of a trip. It is believed that if the couple has some alone time away from home, they get more time to get to know each other better, know their likes and dislikes and bond with one another. People usually think that taking trips as honeymoon buys them some alone time in which they can comfortably get closer to each other as well as the intimacy that a marriage requires in the peaceful quiet and privacy of the couple.  Going on a honeymoon lets the two married people build memories of a lifetime that they can recall and cherish later on.

Everyone wishes for their honeymoon destination to be the most unique point that they can tell people about and it is usually someplace that they want to go to during vacations too! Where you want your honeymoon to be perfect, you also want it to be within your range. India has many places that everyone dies to see, especially the South India Tourist places. One of these many places is Karnataka, a state of India famous for beautiful hill stations. There are many tourist places to visit in Karnataka.

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Karnataka Tourism and Importance of its Hill Stations

Marriage is a fresh start for everyone as they give place to a new person in their lives. To start this beautiful journey with some naturally rich and gifted destinations is like the cherry on the cake. It adds more charm to your marriage. Karnataka Tourism has great importance when it comes to tourism and trips to make your honeymoon memorable.

Karnataka is one of the much-underrated states in South India. People are often mesmerized by the beaches in Goa and landscapes in Kerala and are forgetful of the fact that Karnataka is still unexplored yet offers views to clear waters as well as myriad landscapes and gives newlywed couples, young travelers, and tourists and people of all sorts looking for a refreshing break from their hectic lives.

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The top 5 hill stations you Must Visit in Karnataka!

So here is a list of 5 best Hill Stations in Karnataka that will leave you breathless and you are going to want to come and visit the places again and again. These are the places and hill stations near Bangalore you must visit at least once in your life!

1.Nandi Hills –Rich History to Surround Couples

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These legendary hills are one of the most popular hill stations in Karnataka. Apart from being located on a tall hill surrounded by monolithic granite rocks, Nandi hills are also home to an ancient fortress with its own rich history. The rocky hills make the perfect trekking trails and the hillock offers a nice view of the plains around. They say that one should never miss the sunrise from Nandi hills. It is also popular among bikers who love to ride on the hill top zig-zag downwards roads. Its beautiful attractions include the Yoganandeeshwara Temple, an important shrine with a large statue of Nandi at its steps, Amruth Sarovar – a beautiful lake, Tipu Sultan’s fort, Tippu drop and secret passages that is one of the main temptation for Karnataka tourism.

2. Agumbe – The Falls will make you Fall More

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Agumbe is 45 kilometers from Udupi. It is considered to be the Cherrapunji of South India. It is a must see destination in the Shimoga District of Karnataka, associated with the rainforest conservation efforts and verdant slopes. It also is well known for medicinal plants. The suitable temperature and topography of the dense forest make it an ideal spot for venomous snakes especially the King Cobra. Apart from these species of reptiles, there can be seen many other birds and animals as well. Sunset Points, Kunchikal Falls, Barkana Falls, Koodlu Theertha Falls, Jogigundi Falls and Gopalakrishna Temple are some of the best tourist places in Karnataka. The place doesn’t have hotels to stay but has places like Hotel Advaith Lancer, Kalgreen Valley resort, etc. just 20 kilometers away from Agumbe.

3. Biligiri Hills – Romance is in the Air

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It is 770 meters high above sea level. The forests are swarming with wildlife. It is the best place for a nature lover. Just 120 kilometers from it is the Mysuru Palace which is a very romantic spot. It provides places to stay like Aksaa BR Hills, Ambuja Farms, The Serai Bandipur and Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel. Its major attractions include Chamundi hills, Ranganthittu birds’ sanctuary, Somnathpura, Bandipur national park, Kukkarahalli Lake, Dzogchen monastery, Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta and the Biligiri Ranganath Hills. Its romance filled breeze will make you forget everything and admire hill stations near Bangalore.

4. Coorg – Picturesque View

Coorg is a beautiful, scenic and soothing hill station of Karnataka popularly known as the ‘Scotland of India’. Besides the lush green hilly slopes is the picturesque Namdroling Tibetan settlement. It is truly a nature lover’s delight as it leaves you haunted with the strong aroma of coffee, oranges and verdant valleys and the delicious cuisines that will make Karnataka tour most memorable. It covers a 249-kilometer distance from Bangalore and deserves a visit. The beautiful wood forest is very appealing to the eye. Club Mahindra, Vivanta by Taj, The Tamara, The Windflower resort and Spa and the Orange County are places tourists can stay. Its attractions include Abbey falls, going rafting in the river Barapole and quad biking and Iruppu Falls.

5.Chikmagalur –Take your Spouse for Cycling in Hills

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The place is located at the very foot of the Mullayanagiri Range. It is an alluring coffee country with a green top from above, full of hills and gorgeous views. The hills provide an amazing way for cycling on the windy roads and a track for trekking up to the summit. The place is also ideal for camping under the stars. Amriteshwara temple and Veerbadra temples are fascinating places to see. I assure you, you visit Chikmagalur once, and you will want to quit your job, leave your hometown and come live here forever! It has places to stay like The Serai, Gateway Hotel, Kalgreen Valley resort and Silent Valley Resort. Sringeri Mutt, Trekking up Mullayanagiri Mountain, Kudremukh Peak, Hanuman Gundi Falls are definitely of interest and top in the list of South India tourist places.

These tourist places in Karnataka are sure not to be missed by a nature lover for sure. The mesmerizing views of this place will make you fall in love with your better half even quicker. So visit these hill stations and make wonderful memories for a lifetime!

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