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Must Visit Places in Munnar


Munnar hills, one of the jewels of God’s Own Country- Kerala, is located in Idukki district and is a prominent part of the Kerala Tourism circuit. Places in Munnar are very scenic in its beauty, listing the best and must visit places in Munnar. It is around 5200 ft above sea level elegantly dissolved in the Western Ghats of India.

The literal meaning of Munnar is three rivers referring to its location at the confluence of the Mudhirapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundaly rivers. These rivers are very serene and scenic which flow along the Western Ghats of India. This region was formerly used by British Raj elites for a quick getaway in the early 19th century. This beautiful art of nature in the Western Ghats is perched with diverse flora and fauna and rich tea plantations and the lakes, cataracts and a picturesque countryside adorn this place with their presence, making it a must visit place in South India.

Munnar boasts of an environment free from the hustle and bustle of the city lights with serene surroundings and tranquil atmosphere all around its expanse. This Toy Town is a paramount choice for couples planning a honeymoon down south and is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Kerala lodged in the southernmost stretch of the country, where the newlyweds can knit some of the best memories of their life. Malayalam is the most common language spoken in this hill station. This region of the lofty Western Ghats in Kerala is connected to major parts of the country through a well laid and maintained network of roads.

  • Munnar Weather:

The hill town of Munnar is generally veiled by a pleasant climate throughout the year. During the months of November to January, when the winters field in, the temperatures can drop to as low as 5°C at night and rise up to 25°C and during peak summers, the lowest temperature recorded is 15°C with 35oC being the upper limit. This weather in Munnar hills makes this region very habitable not only for humans, but also for species of wildlife. The two months just after the monsoons wrap up are the best catch to get lost into the blissful aura surrounding this hill station as the place is cuddled by a new blanket of flora and green landscape all around.

  • How To Reach Munnar:

Places in Munnar

Munnar can be reached through various modes of transportation that traverse you through several villages on the way. You can either opt to take a bus to Munnar hills or take a Taxi which would approximately cost around Rs 1300 – 1500/- per cab anywhere in this region of Kochi (Cochin).Frequent buses operated by the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) are available to Munnar hills from Kochi (Cochin). Munnar is also connected to other major cities of India by a well maintained network of national and state highways. The nearest railway station from Munnar is Aluva which is 115 km away. Cochin International Airport which is at about 110 km from Munnar Hills is the nearest international airport. Alternatively, Madurai International Airport located in Tamil Nadu can also be opted which is located at around 160 km from Munnar.

  • Munnar Points of Interest:

Munnar Hills region in Kerala is graced by the presence of numerous placid and captivating places and points of interest that enthrals the tourist from all over the world. We present some of the best sites to treasure in your memories:

Best Places in Munnar :

  1. Top Station Munnar:

Places in Munnar

This place is situated in the Kannan Devan hills of Munnar where it offers some amazing breathtaking views. It is one of the most wonderful places of the entire hill town of Munnar swathed in the stunning green valley along the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border that offer panoramic views of the sublime Western Ghats and the valleys of Theni district in Tamil Nadu. Top Station is one of the best of Munnar and you can find More Places in Munnar Other than the beauty of Top station.

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  1. Meesapulimala:Places in Munnar

Meesapulimala is ennobled at a staggering height of 2,640 metres above sea level which makes it the second tallest peak in the Western Ghats in Southern India. It derives its name from the creation of a shape of a moustache by the eight hills that spread over the area. This peak is not very far from the hill station of Munnar and the exuberant sceneries of Munnar region can be experienced in the calm and surreal environment of this peak. Meesapulimala is one of the best of Munnar and you can find More Places in Munnar Other than the beauty of Meesapulimala and trekking activities.

Meesapulimala Trekking

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  1. Kolukkumalai Tea Estate:

Places in Munnar
Kolukkumalai is Located at about 25 km from the main town of Munnar, this hamlet is majorly famous for its tea estates that are a home to the highest tea plantations in the world where the tea savors peculiar flavour because of the high altitude. This beautiful foothill must be added in your sightseeing list of Munnar because of its scenic views rendered by the valleys of the region bordering Idukki district of Kerala. Kolukkumalai is one of the best of Munnar places and you can find More Places in Munnar Other than the beauty of Kolukkumalai estate.

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  1. Anayirankal Dam:

Places in Munnar

Anayirankal dam located in the Munnar hills in Kerala is the most spectacular destination in the entire region and is bounded by Tata tea, coffee and cardamom plantations. This region of lush green plantation experiences the Munnar weather to the fullest making it a very fertile region to grow any kind of plantations. The dam is well known for different types of Adventure sports and water sports such as boating in speed boats. It is a perfect retreat for the shutterbugs as well. Anayirankal is one of the best of Munnar places and you can find More Places in Munnar Other than the views of Anayirankal dam.

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  1. Gap Road:

Places in Munnar

This Munnar sightseeing spot is located on a road that connects Dhanushkodi and Cochin in the Idukki district of Kerala. The entire road journey is absolutely mesmerizing as the road has been carved out of a rocky mountain surrounded by numerous tea plantations and it appears that you are transported into an altogether different world. This particular tourist destination is sleeved in Munnar Hills region of the Western Ghats running down collaterally to the enigmatic Arabian Sea. The serenity which travellers acquire here is truly outstanding. Gap road is one of the best of Munnar roads and you can find More Places in Munnar Other than the curves of Gap roads.

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  1. Pothamedu View Point:

Places in Munnar

This place must be on top to explore on a clear day in Munnar. It is located at a distance of around 5 km from the highland of Munnar and boasts of a dignified and solemn beauty in the panoramic landscape of the surrounding stretch. Don’t forget to grab in your favourite wine while evading from the daily hustle to this place in the southern stretch of the country where you can sit and admire the plantations of tea, coffee and cardamom running down the throat of the valley creating a delightful aura all around the place.

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  1. Honey Bee Tree: 

Places in Munnar

Located about 4 km from Munnar on the Mattupetty road that connects Ernakulam, Cochin and Munnar, the Honey Bee Tree falls along the road side and so the travellers find it convenient enough to stop by and witness the presence of several beehives on a single tree. Surprising fact is that the nearby trees have no beehives. When travelling on the Mattupetty Road from Munnar in Kerala, you must surely stop by this place and witness the creativity of the honey bees.

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  1. Rajamalai Hills:

Places in Munnar

Situated in the vicinity of Munnar in Kerala in South India, Rajamalai hills are famous among the tourists for the Eravikulam National Park which is a home to the Nilgiri Tahr. Apart from the Eravikulam National Park, these hills also offer some stunning views of the surrounding valley draped in the rug of flora and fauna which lures photography enthusiasts from all over the country. Rajamalai hill is one of the best of Munnar places and you can find More Places in Munnar Other than the views of Rajamalai Hills.

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  • Things To Do In Munnar: 

Bath in Waterfalls:

Places in Munnar

Munnar in the southern stretch of India is blessed with the presence of numerous places and points of interests to make your visit a remarkable memory down the lane and among them, are the lofty waterfalls where you can feel the waters tumbling down the hill, spurting over the rocks into a pool full of serenity spread across like a satin bed. Thommankuthu, Cheeyappara & Valara, Chinnakanal or Powerhouse Waterfall, Keezharkuthu Falls, Chellarkovil Waterfall, Nayamakad Waterfall, Kuthumkal Waterfall, Lakkom Waterfall, Attukal Waterfall, and Thoovanam Waterfall are some of the prominent waterfalls in the area around the Toy Town of Munnar engulfed in the Western Ghats of India. These cataracts greet you with the crystal clear waters cascading down the mountains, gurgling, whispering, laughing and cleansing everything in their way. Watch them wake serene rivers with a magnificent splash down a pool of tranquillity.


To Taste Local Cooking Styles:

Places in Munnar

Seat yourself on the floor, roll your sleeves up and get started with a variety of pure vegetarian dishes traditionally served on a banana leaf in Kerala, India. ‘Sadhya’ means ‘Banquet’ in Malayalam. The main dish is plain boiled rice which is also a staple diet in the southern part of India, served along with other dishes collectively called ‘Kootan’ that include curries like Parippu, Sambar, Rasam, Pulisseri and others like Kaalan, Avial, Thoran, Olan, Pachadi, Mango pickle, Naranga curry, as well as Papadum, Banana, plain Yogurt or Buttermilk, and plantain chips. The dishes are served at specific places on the banana leaf in specific order which is a common tradition in the South Indian states. For example, the pickles are served on the top left corner and the banana on the bottom left corner, which helps the waiters to easily identify and decide on offering additional servings. The most common ingredients in all the dishes are rice, coconut and coconut oil as they are abundant in Kerala.

Try The Traditional Alcohol:

Just walk around the rural/village areas in Kerala and feel the real taste of original sweet toddy extracted from the coconut palm and have it in the Kerala way with exotic karimeen pollichathu (baked fresh water fish) or spicy pickles. If you have opted for a houseboat cruise you can ask the crew to stop over at a Toddy shop near backwaters which are an identity of the God’s Own Country- Kerala. Toddy is the local cousin of the wine or any mild alchoholic drink in west.

Bird Watching:

Pot egrets, herons, Siberian stork, darters, teals and hundreds of other migratory birds find their retreat during the migratory season in Kerala’s ever so enchanting bird sanctuaries. Hear them sing, play and love, take their family photograph and applaud their aerobatic skills while in these bird sanctuaries of Kerala. Kumarakom and Thattekkad Bird Sanctuaries are the major Bird Sanctuaries in Kerala.

Tiger Trail:

Join the Thekkady tiger trail which a real adventure trek into the dense forests of Kerala with expert guides. Cook in the jungle, sleep in tents and wake up to the sounds of the wilderness- a total adventurer’s delight.


Places in Munnar

Gift yourself new life and surrender to the magical fingers of specially trained masseurs of Kerala, India. Kerala is famous for its ayurvedic masseurs and spas. You will be locked in a place full of ayurveda- the natural medicine to help you unwind and detoxicate in the medicated baths that will refresh you, herbal diets that will replenish you, yoga that will revitalize you, and meditation that will recharge you.


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