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Top 5 Kerala Waterfalls

Kerala Waterfalls

Looking for a vacation to get refreshed and revived to get back to hectic and busy life. If your answer is YES…then none other than the waterfalls can give you rejuvenation. So plunge into one of the many cool refreshing Kerala Waterfalls and pools that slice down through the dense forest.

If you need a trek through forest ending in the shower of waterfalls, make your trip to Kerala-the God’s own country.

Forests of Kerala are endowed with the petite and hefty streams that fuse in concert to form spectacular waterfalls. The whiz and hiss sounds add lure to the flowing stream. The thrilling splendor of gorgeous waterfalls wins the hearts of the spectators. Yes, a gaze, a shower or even a touch of these beautiful waterfalls refreshes and completes your picnic.

  • Athirappilly Waterfalls:
Athirapally waterfalls

Athirapally Waterfalls

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The largest waterfall in Kerala and nick named as The Niagara of India steals the breath at sight. This extremely beautiful falls invokes your ears with the jingle of water dropping down and the vista cite a deep sense of craziness.

  • Palaruvi Waterfalls:
Pallaruvi Waterfalls

Pallaruvi Waterfalls

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The natural loveliness of this spectacular single drop, horsetail type waterfall catches the attention of picnickers. The misty white water falls resembles it as a stream of milk, and thus it attained its name Palaruvi.

To get along the waterfalls is a wonderful experience as it needs a trek through the dense forests.

  • Thommankuthu:


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It’s one of the major Eco-Tourism centres in Kerala and the seven-step scenic waterfall is named after the great hunter, Mr. Thommachen Kuruvinakunnel who let the world know about the beautiful waterfall in the jungle since the late 1920s. Each steps of Thommankuthu waterfall is tagged along by a pool, making each division’s beauty beyond words. The charisma of indigenous flora and fauna, refreshing beauty of cascading falls and the trekking through the forests makes it a preferred spot for travelers.

  • Thusharagiri Waterfalls:

Thusharagiri Waterfalls

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This snowy effect of waterfalls surely pilfers your sense of organs. It offers eternal scope for trekking, rock climbing and wild life sanctuary stopovers.

  • Nyayamkadu Waterfalls:

A very popular tourism spot, hallowed with its uniqueness and gushing waters. A land of awesome waterfalls, cascade down from a height of 1600 meters. The enthralling surroundings make it an excellent picnic spot and haven for trekkers.

Gravel banks, is an amusing fishing spot that is popped in the remote corner of this waterfall. The amazing view of the endless lush forests of Munnar is an added attraction. This waterfall apart from rich flora and fauna offers you distant view of Nilgiri Thar and other animals like Barking Deer, Sambar, Malabar Civet, Grey Jungle Fowl etc. The park has three areas namely, tourism, buffer & core.

Just around the corner of the falls lie the long stretched plantation, vibrant greenery and the sights of local women picking the tea buds from the sprawling tea gardens.

Besides these, there are numerous waterfalls in Kerala said to be the best and most stunning waterfalls in India. Each waterfall has its very own show piece making it vital to enlist.


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