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Top 10 shooting locations in the world

10 Shooting Locations

Yes, the magic of silver screen simulate the experiences of the viewers by communicating their ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings, beauty or atmosphere. As a part, the ambiance selected as location play a major role in film making.

Tradition of film shoot usually happened in the controllable interiors of sound stage. Gradually exteriors were preferred for outdoor sequences, thus concept of shooting locations became the trend.

10 Shooting Locations in the World

Filmmakers prefers to shoot on location, due to the greater realism achieved in a real place, however the best and favourite films which have won the hearts of viewers has a story of beautiful backdrops.

Let’s travel around the top ten shooting locations of the world

  • Seattle:


The place blessed with a very iconic evening look and the panoramic view of this hilly city is apt for film location. Beyond the topography, a diverse and gorgeous setting available in the city makes it a favorite shooting spot of the film makers around the globe.

  • New York:

New York

Waikiki, Honolulu

Despite the fact that this is the priciest city to shoot your dream, but that something truly magical matter aspire the filmmakers. However, the locations of New York seem to be a nostalgia, dream or fantasy for the people all over the world.

  • Paris:


Apart from being the quite dazzling city, Paris holds the past, saga and the plot. The bounded Lavender fields of the city present a charming landscape for countryside vista and the illumination of the city is incomparable.

  • Prague:


It’s a fabulous place to film as the city offers the old world feeling of major European cities. The rich cultural setting makes the city an elegant option for film locations and a hot spot for many European and American film makers.

  • London:


London truly grasps its possession in films. Yes, there is something enduring about the buzz of this city. The presence of demanding art industry makes London much more expensive city to film in.

  • San Francisco:

San Francisco

A marvellous location, the city is ideal for filming an assortment of different scenes in a lone. San Francisco the costly location makes it worth as it is encased with Hollywood stars and incredible movie studios.

  • Buenos Aires:

Buenos Aires

A set rich in history and bounded by vivacious colours and it is gorgeous with a lovely city centre and great venues to film.

  • Albuquerque:


Landscapes of the city proffers suburbia, city, forest, modern homes are more which an apt film location need and the Albuquerque win the hearts of filmmakers due to the best filming incentives offered by the city.

  • Vancouver:


Aside from being extremely spectacular location rich in conifers with scattered pockets of maple and alder and large area of swamp land, it’s a wonderful shooting spot as it is known to be the third largest hub for film industry, nick named as Hollywood North. The city sets the perfect scene for many movies and TV series and is often used in disguise to portray other cities of the world.

  • Honolulu:


The astonishing and assorted locations across Hawaii make the tropical city an amazing location for the aspiring filmmaker. An opportunity packed jungle, the eye-catching beach and the fresh flair makes Honolulu a definitely hot spot.

Apart from these locations, filmmakers around the globe are exploring new destinations to film. Many destinations awaits to added to this list of hot shooting spots.

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