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Honeymoon Destinations In India

India the mystical and magical land of many cultures and rich heritage with a history that dates back to centuries is worth every single visit. Keeping aside the genuine details, India is also an exotic paradise composed of scintillating waterfalls, mesmerizing beaches, beautiful landscape, lush greenery, misty mountains and more which will make you come back for more than once. It is said that marriages are made in heaven, honeymoon period the best ever time experienced by a newlywed couple must also be equally enjoyed in a heaven on earth. India is one such heaven where couples often visit to enjoy their post marriage vacation. The honeymoon destinations in India can never be listed, but we have sorted out some of the best destinations, which you must go while you are on your honeymoon.

  • Goa:

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The land of white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and greenery that will mesmerize you with every visit. The place has a lot of historical importance attached to it as it was invaded by the Portuguese and their remnants can be found in the form of religion, architecture and other world heritage sites. Walk hand in hand with your better half along the shores, enjoy some Portuguese cuisine, climb the fort, hire a scooter, go for a refreshing swim, go sunbathing, parasail with your partner, be rejuvenated at a spa and walk like you just don’t care, because it’s Goa.

  • Manali:


Fall in love with each other under the snow-capped high mountains in Manali amidst lush green forests and other exotic flora. A sight that will lure you into romancing and embracing your beloved; go paragliding, skiing, throw snowballs at your partner, experience the icy cool river and the valley, get on top of a  yak and more only at Manali. Aim for the perfect weather while in Manali between November and February.

  • Munnar:

Tea plantation, Munnar

A beautiful hill station where the climate is always winter;  be pampered by nature to the maximum encompassed by misty mountains, bright blue sky, evergreen forests, extensive tea plantations, cascading waterfalls, cool weather, chilling breeze, lofty peaks, clear lakes, varieties of flora, fauna and more. The enchanting beauty of this gorgeous hill station will surely be a lovers paradise to the couples where they can spend some alone time in natures lap.

  • Kovalam:

Light House Beach Kovalam

A small beach town bordered by the Arabian Sea and swamped with swaying coconut trees in every nook and corner. A silent and private place where you can have a lovely time with your partner enjoying the sun, sand and the beach. Hotels and resorts on the beach side are worth checking out which offers fabulous view of the Arabian Sea. Climb atop the lighthouse and enjoy picturesque and gentile view of the beach, have a glorious sun tan, go surfing, refresh your selves with an amazing Ayurvedic massage.

  • Kumarakom:

Kumarakom boating

A popular tourist spot famous for its extensive, calm and serene backwaters in the southern state of Kerala. While in Kumarakom, stay inside the luxurious houseboat for a day and have an unearthing experience riding through the largest freshwater lake adorned by coconut trees, lush green foliage, blue sky and crystal waters. Resorts and hotels offer provision for fishing, boating, yachting and a romantic canoeing trip to visit the bird sanctuary will be a new and fresh activity both you and your partner could do.

  • Ootty:

ooty lake

An all-time favorite of honeymoon travelers, Ooty is called a lovers paradise with the cold winter climate, beautiful and enchanting hill stations, thick and bushy forests crowded with tall trees, crystal clear lakes and valleys, cascading waterfalls, pine forests, tea plantations, beautiful flower gardens, parks and zoo and many more. A perfect place for newlyweds to spend some alone time opening up their hearts anywhere they please in Ooty.

  • Udaipur:


An oasis amidst the hot and humid deserts of Rajasthan, Udaipur will leave you awestruck by its majesty, historic importance, location and the kind of aura it transforms to you. Get a royal treatment by staying in some of the most luxurious and majestic hotels and palaces amidst the bordering lakes. Be romantically involved and have some of the best times here where the Kings and Queens once strolled this royal place.

  • Darjeeling:


A cold and hilly region elevated several feet high from the sea level offering breath taking view of the snow covered Himalayas, Kanchengjunga the world’s highest peak, symmetrically grown tea plantations, chilly cold weather,  an eco-tourist spot with exotic flora and fauna, mesmerizing waterfalls, national parks etc. A ride in the toy train and the Himalayan Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site will be one you will take extreme pleasure in travelling with your partner.

  • Coorg:


An Eco-Tourist spot famous for its natural reserves like coffee, spices blessed with lofty high green mountains, clear lakes, valleys and exotic greenery; a romantic ride through the hilly paths will be an adventure filled experience worth taking with your better half. Often called as the Scotland of India, the chilly climate and a stay amidst nature’s lap will be an evergreen one in your memory.

  • Shimla:


Situated high above the sea level, this hilly and tropical highland climate will be the perfect temperature to tour down with your partner. Shimla is a beauty in itself when covered in snow during the winter, the train journey is one which should not be missed, the snowy season is when you should be visiting with your better half to make the most of its beauty and stay very close to each other.

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