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Top 10 Shooting Locations in India

Shooting Locations

The magic of silver screen always influenced the common man’s heart since the filming of first film. The background of the film had an immense influence in the viewers.

As the audience of film industry is being spread all over the world, every movie give an important place for shooting location, as it acquire an incredible role in the fantasy of each and every viewer. Shooting locations are considered as important as the plot, more of a character than simply a back drop.

Shooting Locations in India

India with its varied natural greens, colonial architecture and cultural heritage makes an apt shooting location for every film makers around the globe. Shooting in India is more convenient and quite budget friendly than the foreign locations.

  • Shimla & Manali:


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The most popular hill stations located in Himachal Pradesh is the most favourite shooting locations in India. The Queen of Hills Shimla appears really amazing, which makes one of the most chosen shooting spots.

  • Leh/Ladakh:


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The unique and diverse landscape, located in the Indus river valley, Kashmir is budding as the new hot destination and it has been location to many big budget films.

  • Mumbai:


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In spite of being a busy city it has been home to the largest film industry of India every year; since the inception of first Bollywood movie of 1880’s. Juhu Beach, the most romantic and persuasive beauty has been captured in several films and it is an all time shooting location for film directors.

  • Ooty:


Despite of a favourite tourist spot, it is considered as a favourite shooting location in India. The hill station located in the Blue Mountains [Nilgiris] of the Western Ghats is a land of picturesque picnic spots. Lofty mountains, great lakes, thick forests, rambling grasslands, tea gardens and eucalyptus trees greet the film makers en route to Ooty.

  • Darjeeling:


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From the lanes and by-lanes to the panoramic views of the hills and the spectacular scenic beauty makes this place proves to be the perfect backdrop of a plot.

  • Kashmir:


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The most beautiful and romantic location for adding romance to a film! Many films chanced upon the beauty of this state. Various films have been shot in and around the Dal Lake, Srinagar’s Jewel, known as the Jewel in the Crown of Kashmir.

  • Udaipur:


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Hollywood and Bollywood has been swept away by the charm of this majestic land. The grandeur of the royal palaces is too strong a presence in the movies.

  • Amritsar:


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The busy lanes of the city, the presence of famous Golden Temple, patriotic Jallianwala Bagh and Khalsa College makes it a favourite shooting spot. The mustard fields have always been a point to romance.

  • Kerala:


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The splendid beauty of Kerala together with the charisma of backwaters and spectacular waterfalls as nature’s bounty makes it a desired shooting spot.

  • Goa:


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The paradise of beach has attracted film makers all over the world and it is second most captured location in India. Many movies has promoted the celestial beauty of Goa, making it again a hot shooting spot.


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