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Tips To Enjoy The Enthralling Holiday In Kerala

In India Kerala is known as God’s own country because of the natural beauty that this place holds and if you are going to visit Kerala on your vacation then here are few tips for Kerala trip.

 Plan Before Visiting Kerala: Just like any other vacation you need to plan for your Kerala Vacation, also Plan with a tour operator who is trusted and has good experience in Kerala tourism. Other than this before finalizing destinations explore available options and chose those option that suits you most. It is also recommended that before visiting Kerala get a travel plan from your tour operator and inform them about your arrival so someone from your tour operator can assist you in your travel.

Enjoy The Native Breakfast Of The Kerala: If you really want to enjoy the enthralling Kerala then you shall start with its breakfast. This place offer very healthy and tasty breakfast that includes vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes, Travel and Leisure magazine rated it as the best breakfast of the world.

Stay On Houseboat: You can ask your tour operator to add it in your package and you shall enjoy at least one night on an exotic houseboats. This traditional rice boat will take you in a completely new dimension and you can enjoy the delicious native cuisines prepared only for you by your private chef.

See A Chinese Fishing Net And Chose Your Pick From It: In Kerala Native fishermen use a very long net that has bamboo poles attached in it and possibly you cannot see this kind of fishing nets anywhere else in the world. You will surely enjoy watching the fisherman in action. When they are done with fishing you can chose a fish from net for you and you can ask a local fisherman to fry it for you in native way.

Enjoy And Embrace Its Local Culture And Dresses: Kerala Sarees are world famous for its white cotton and golden embroideries on borders that bring a great elegance on the person who is wearing this, so try it once and do not forget to buy it for your special once.

Watch The Birds: If you love bird watching then Kerala can be a great place for you because here you can spot heron, egrets, teals, darters, Siberian Stork, and hundreds of birds that comes from the world in bird sanctuaries of Kerala. Here you can enjoy the sounds of these birds that mesmerize you with their flying.

Follow The Trail Of Tiger: If you want some thrill in your vacation then you can enjoy the tiger trail in which you go inside dense forests with expert guides to see tiger. In this trail you can prepare your meal in jungle, you sleep in tents and you can enjoy the wildness.

Kerala has long beaches, misty mountains, elegant rivers and charming inland water bodies. Above all it has the soothing greenery all around.In all these activities you can easily miss your valuable document so it is suggested to carry a Xerox copy of your passports, legal papers and other documents while enjoying these destinations and leave your original at safe deposit of your hotel.

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