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Know Tourist Visa on Arrival (T-VoA)

Tourist Visa on Arrival (T-VoA)

Tourist Visa on Arrival is available for travelers from 11 countries at Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi Airports.

Citizens of the following countries can avail this facility: Japan, Singapore, Finland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia.

T-VoA allows tourists from the 11 countries to request for a visa upon their arrival at either of the two airports. The fee is 60 US dollars and the visa is valid for up to 30 days. It will be issued only twice in one calendar year and to visitors who come to India for recreation, sightseeing and meeting friends or relatives.

Those applying for the visa should not have residence or occupation in India and should hold a passport with a minimum validity of six months. They should need to produce proof of confirmed hotel booking and return tickets when applying for the T-VoA.

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