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How to Plan your Kerala Trip

How to plan your Kerala Trip – Travel Tips.

My goal is to make this post helpful for all travelers who wish to visit Kerala. Each travellers are different tastes and mannerism,some of them ready to spend more money for hotel rooms and some of them need not. So these tips for all who love to enjoy Travel in Kerala. These are some tips for those who Thought of How to plan your kerala trip.


Before you book a package make an idea about your trip. Purpose of your visit is very important. How many days you have? What is your budget? Discuss thus all with your travel agent before confirm the package.

CochinMunnarthekkadyVarkalaKovalam– Trivandrum departure. This is best route for travel. Each places you need at least 1 day for covering and minimum 2 days for munnar. So you book rooms in each places, that makes your trip is a smart one.

Booking :

Book your package through a trusted travel agent; make sure that he is a keralite. Most of the travel agents are same itinerary for you, but their services are different.


Do you need a House boat stay at the time of your Kerala visit? before doubting give an eye to these information, it will make your trip safe and smoother. If you are in a honeymoon trip never miss this golden chance, because the house boat stay the calm ,quiet atmosphere make your honeymoon more sweeter, it will be a memorable chapter in your entire life. And its a bad choice for city tour addicts.

Firstly know your pocket- cost for normal house boat stay is from 10000-20000 at season time, and at peak season time 10000 raise into around 17000.Just keep in mind that depending upon the season and service there will be variations in house boat cost. So arrange your visit as per your financial strength.Almost every house boat provide welcome drink, lunch, evening tea and dinner.

Inside look

Every house boat contains a well furnished kitchen, toilet and 1,2 or 3,4 bedrooms .There will be a driver, cook and a helper to manage your house boat.

Ac/non ac.

There are three kinds of house boats one is ac available only b/w 8 pm to 6 am,full time ac and non ac. Ask your travel agent which kind of ac is provided for you in your house boat. Be cool to select your choice. The charges will from 10000 to 27000 in peak season time. Depending upon the quality of service the rate may varies that all. For better quality better price is essential.


Normal checking time is 11pm,at the arrival time you will get a welcome drink and then lunch and dinner. Kerala food will be a great experience to your taste buds. And either lunch or dinner you will get a special dish calls ‘karimeen’. And check out on next day at 9 am, And in noon 1pm to 5.30 pm you can enjoy amazing house boat cruising in backwater. If you want to enjoy this houseboat cruise to the maximum, it is better to arrive by 12 Noon in Alleppey. If you are coming by 2pm and is opting for a houseboat cruise on the same day by the time you reach the boarding point, the cruise will be over.

There are mainly four routes are available for the house boat trip these are following Alleppy-round(normal), Alleppy-Kumarakom(long), Tlleppy- Thottapally(More sight seeing), Alleppy-nedumudi and be keep in mind that cruises is only in one route.

At 5.30 pm your well experienced driver will anchor the boat some spots in the backwater, at that time you will get a cable connection and rest in your room it exactly same as that of hotel room.

After the check out from house boat also visit RKK( Ravi Karunakara Museum) before leaving Alleppy. It will be a great experience to you.

Cab booking

For booking in a cab the price is almost same for all travel agents in Kerala,but experience of the driver and his behavior is important. Normal charges for a indica is 1500-1800 including driving charge and fuels. So can travel upto 150 km and for additional distance you should pay Rs.9/km. And traveling from Kochin to Munnar take 110 km more.So you can travel 40 km for that day for seeing sights. In this way you can effectively use the time. Perfect time planning make your trip more perfect.

Whats new-

Each day in Kerala tourism sector launching different programs .because Kerala show a well and different attitude to tourism.Most of the places have Eco tourism projects.So try to participate on such programs.

Did you know you can cover Munnar,Mattupetti.Eravikulam,Rajamala,top station etc….With only Rs. 400/head.Did you know such packages offering by tourism department?

Only know local agents who are expert in this area.

For travel agents who reading this please note that there is a new park opened in Idukki arch dam for promoting tourism.So rather than bringing your guest to Thekkady to Cochin directly try to visit Kalvari mount hills and Idukki arch dam hill view park. Now the dam is more beautiful after 30 years the dam is full now. entrance fee is only Rs.10.

All places are on the way and you are nothing loss while visiting this places.

Have a happy holiday in Kerala….


  • Sir I am from Delhi nd I want to know about the package’s cost nd list for Kerala trip for a couple for 4-5 days.So plijj suggest me the best places for me that I can cover in 4-5 days.

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