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Call for Emergency Services

Call for Emergency Services on Kerala Tour

In many countries the public telephone network has a single emergency telephone number  to call for emergency services and that allows a caller to contact local emergency services for assistance. The emergency number differs from country to country; it is typically a three-digit number so that it can be easily remembered and dialed quickly. Some countries have a different emergency number for each of the different emergency services; and these often differ only by the last digit

Mobile phones can be used in countries with different emergency numbers. This means that a traveller visiting a foreign country does not have to know the local emergency numbers. The mobile phone and the SIM card have a preprogrammed list of emergency numbers. When the user tries to set up a call using an emergency number known by a GSM or 3G phone, the special emergency call setup takes place.

Even if the actual number is not transmitted to the network, the network redirects the emergency call to the local emergency desk. Most of the GSM mobile phones can dial emergency numbers even when the phone keyboard is locked. If the phone is without a SIM card, emergency number is entered instead of the PIN or there isn’t a network signal (busy network).

Our state is well equipped to over come any kind of emergency that rises from all sorts of uncertainty. For this purpose proper coordination is maintained between various departments. Thus, it’s clear that the Kerala has well equipped fleet to over come any of emergency services.

We recommend our guest to remember this two numbers for emergency purpose.

Highway Alert : 9846 100 100
Any person can contact this number to get the assistance of the Highway Police anytime (day or night).

Railway Alert: 9846 200 100

The Kerala Railway Police has come up with Helpline Service for the Railway commuters in the State, called “Rail Alert”. This is a Round-the-clock Helpline

Police Helpline:100

Fire Force:101

Ambulance: 102

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