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Unexplored Udupi


Unexplored Udupi :

    A beautiful town filled with tourists overflowing throughout the year as Udupi is a well known pilgrimage center, Udupi is also known for its beautifully well managed cuisine, Vibrant colours,colourful markets, etc. This district has various different mixes of cultural from the nearby Manipal University. Udupi is one of the most recommended tourist places in Karnataka. Udupi is also one of the most oldest educational center. There are many temples near Udupi which makes it a must if you’re seeking pilgrimage tourism.Udupi plays a vital role in Karnataka tourism. There are many Places to visit in Udupi  district are many, depending upon your interests while traveling to this beautiful Karnataka tourist place.Udupi is surrounded by various kinds of terrain, from Hills to flat lands to beaches.

These beaches are known to be one of the most serene,clean and untouched by humans.Where one can chill while the turtles are literally laying their eggs. The climate in Udupi is very tropical so there is sunshine throughout the year making tourists wanting visit these popular beaches which keeps Karnataka tourism going. These beaches are rarely touched by humans because they are hidden into the Highways. Backpacking in this particular region is very recommended by us. Here are a few unexplored Udupi places:

Hoode Beach:

 This fantastic unexplored Udupi beach is located at Bengre, Udupi. This is an isolated beach enjoyed by various kinds of visitors who have kept the beach well maintained. This beach is very beautiful and scenic where you can drive between the sea and the river, if we keep continuing straight we will reach an Delta where the sea and river meets which makes it a breathtaking sunset and a auspicious sunrise. This region hasn’t caught the eyes of Karnataka tourism, This beach is also known for the Toddy which has been served at this particular shack where you can dine with the view of the sea, If you’re a beach bum, you can lie on the sands sipping on some Toddy or maybe do a little surfing as, Hoode beach has opened a surf club to entertain guests visiting this particular beach. This tiny village besides Hoode holds a number of temples where one can have their own spiritual beach morning or evening.

To visit these unexplored Udupi beaches, Renting out a bike is highly recommended while you’re visiting this beach in particular.The town of Kemmannu is located about 17-20 kms to the North-West of Udupi. These beaches are coarse, rough and yet have a gracious feel to them. Naturally entrenched on the ridge line of river Swarna peninsula is a beach known as Adda Bengre. The rough sea is a surfing hot spot mainly during the monsoon season. So this makes it one of the best off-beat places Udupi and around to visit.


Hoode beach

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Agumbe Rainforest:

    This amazingly dense forest is one of the best off-beat places in Udupi to visit if you have an taste for adventure. Its roughly 55 Kms away from Udupi. You can backpack on this beautiful rain forest or you can decided to enjoy this amazing vista with various services which luxury resorts provide you. This beautiful forest falls under Shimoga district. This region is known for its various forms  of life found here. This region is mostly populated with snakes as these forests have constant rainfall throughout the year which makes it home to various different kinds of flora and fauna as well. Backpacking in this rainforest is bliss if you don’t mind all the wildlife around you.

There are not many hotels which are present in this region so pre planning is need before visiting this particular area. The most common sightings in Agumbe are Cobras,pythons,elephants,jaguars,wild dogs etc. There are routine checks throughout Agumbe for pollution etc. There are many temples near Udupi and Agumbe These checks helps to maintain the eco-friendly environment in Agumbe which keeps the surroundings clean around this particular zone. Camping and backpacking in this region is recommended by us but there are other Karnataka tourism based accommodation available.There is a field based conservation and research organisation situated inside the Agumbe Reserved Forest at Agumbe in the central Western Ghats of southern India, they take utmost priority in conserving and studying the surrounding environment.



Kundadri hills

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St. Mary’s Island:

     This is a must if you’re visiting this side of Karnataka, its one of the most off-beat places Udupi district which give you complete isolation and alone time. A set of four Unexplored Udupi islands off the coast of Malpe, Udupi, the St. Mary’s Islands are among the last few unexplored beaches in India. Known for their famous hexagonal basalt rocks which are formed due to volcanic lava drying up, these islands have been declared as an important site for Geo-tourism in Karnataka. The beaches and surrounding waters are unbelievably pristine and taking those two boat rides from Malpe to reach here is definitely worth it. Making this a Unexplored Udupi destination, You can spend the day lazing around the island or if you’re a beach bum you can go for a swim out in the sea and explore unexplored Udupi islands.

These Unexplored Udupi islands are definitely a worth visiting, Karnataka tourism has helped maintain this particular Geo-tourism location which has been well maintained over the years. A huge amount of people have been visiting these lonely islands lately, But St. Mary’s Islands still has got its untouched atmosphere throughout the stretch of small islands. These islands are very picturesque and serene for travellers looking to write around these regions.There are no accommodation facilities available on St Mary’s Islands. There are several resorts at Malpe and Udupi . Udupi can be used as a base for a day excursion to St Mary’s islands.


Saint Mary’s Island

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Maravanthe Beach:

    Maravanthe is home to perhaps the best and most scenic road in India, with the waters of the Arabian Sea lapping against one side and the Souparnika River flowing alongside the other which makes it paradise for travelers visiting these places, The beach which is found on this side of Maravanthe is very clean and can be accessed as a surf beach from time to time. Driving or riding a bike on this road is magical and its recommended by us, due to the heavily backdrop while riding through these roads. Located on the Panvel-Edappally highway at a distance of 55 kms from Udupi. This unexplored Udupi place has been attracting photographers from all over the world to come and click images of these serene beaches.

Maravanthe lies on the way from Udupi/Mangalore/Manipal to Goa/Gokarna/Karwar. Where you can try visiting all these places.These beaches are the most serene beaches for backpackers and couples who seeks isolation, These beaches aren’t still eyed by Karnataka tourism much, The most recommended time to visit this region is during December and January.These beaches are constantly visited by the nearby university students which make the isolated beach with an happening atmosphere.Maravanthe offers a range of watersports, boat rides and stay offering good seafood & coastal cuisine. Maravanthe Beach offers most idyllic beaches and charming beach front resort. Maravanthe has a backwater nearby and offer watersports, boat rides and an activity filled stay so you wont get bored in this isolated region.

Maravanthe Beach, Udupi

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    This small temple town located at the foot of the Western Ghats in the Udupi district of Karnataka has one of the most scenic view that offers many of backpackers who visit this beautiful hill. The Sri Kollur Mookambika Temple lies in this town which is one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in Udupi, Karnataka. Even if you’re not too much of a theist, there are plenty of other things to do in Kollur. Walking in these mountains are considered to be very spiritual. So many travelers tend to camp around this region for the spirituality in this particular foot hill. Parts of these hill are unexplored Udupi which attracts a lot of campers.

The Kashi Theertha is a beautiful river spot with a bridge and forest trekking opportunities about 1 km from the Mookambika temple. Most backpackers opt for the trek because of its very beautiful yet serene trek routes. Also the Kodachadri mountain, a densely forested hill which is the 10th highest in Karnataka, forms a stunning background to the temple and is definitely worth visiting from the beautiful temple town of Kollur.There are various trek routes where you can choose where you can head up to, nearby Udupi there are various different foot hills where one can choose to trek after visiting this beautiful temple town.


Campsites at kollur

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Halebid :

     None can displace Hampi as the most important archaeological site in Karnataka but Halebid comes close. This beautiful city is located around 206 kms away from Udupi. Which make it easy to access from Udupi region, This town is know to be a backpackers heaven. One can easily choose to camp and spend his days aways at Halebid or one can choose to go around clicking various different types of architectural wonders around this region. This region has been declared as a Heritage site by UNESCO. The carvings which are found on the walls in these regions are very valuable and meaningful as they relate to the Hoysala era learnings. These carvings are present in Unexplored Udupi temples which are rare sightings.

A city filled with dilapidated ruins from the Hoysala era which makes this a historical site, Halebid is home to temples, shrines and other exotic examples of old architecture. These exotic architecture  that are found in these regions are truly incredible, Redefining style in these particular regions. This heritage site is steeped in spirituality with the Hoysaleswara temple, Belur, Shantaleswara temple, Kedareswara temple and a number of Jain temples residing in this quaint city. Unlike Hampi, which is always full of tourists, Halebid is a much more relaxed and crowd-free travel destination in Karnataka.


Temples of Halebidu

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Gokarna :

    This spiritual beach of Karnataka is well known for its serene sunrise, sunsets and live acoustic music with campfires makes the beaches of Gokarna lit. This is a temple town, where it’s  surrounded by hundreds of temples and each sea side cliff has a temple at the top. Lord Shiva is mainly worshipped in this region of Karnataka. You can find nearby Shiva temples from here.Gokarn is what Goa used to be in the 1970s; a laid-back and relaxed coastal town where all the youngsters and hippies came to escape from their hectic city lives. In this beautiful sea side temple town you can either choose to camp or if you’re a beach bum, you can choose to lie beach side throughout the day and taste the delicacies of Gokarna.

Gokarna is also a temple town which kind of attributes to its atmosphere of being a place disconnected from the modern world.With pristine beaches and lack of commercial tourism, This temple town is the best place to visit if you don’t want to deal with the crowds and high prices in Goa. Tourist don’t come here only for a getaway, but they come here also to learn and seek spirituality through various different ways and forms. You can find various view points along the coastal line in Gokarna , each promising than the other.

kudle beach

Sands of Gokarana

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Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary:

    This magical untamed sanctuary lies on the banks of River Kali, Dandeli is one of Karnataka’s largest wildlife sanctuaries which is home to thousands of species and its not much visited by humans. The peaceful and forested environment of Dandeli makes it the best place for a relaxing vacation. This serene wildlife sanctuary makes this location a perfect place for writers and poets to come down and think in this bliss atmosphere. Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary can bring out the poet in you.This picturesque Wildlife sanctuary is around 290 Kms away from Udupi. Its pretty far off, but it’s worth the visit if you have a taste for adventure

The dense forests and the River Kali make the region the perfect home for wild animals, and you can spot leopards, elephants, antelopes, tigers, bears, reptiles (snakes and crocodiles) here. Animal sightings are not a rare thing here. We can find wildlife everywhere in this particular region. You can also participate in some jungle adventure activities such as trekking, river rafting and kayaking in which can show you a different side of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary.


Mornings in Dandeli wildlife sanctuary

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Visiting these places with other backpackers is more fun in these regions, because of the complete isolation you get. We highly recommend you to camp at these sites, so that you can get a complete getaway. Make sure you acquire permission for all the forest authorities before you set up camp. Try making conversation with the forest guards and local tribal members so that you can find waterbodies which animals tend to drink water during their dail strolls around the forests.



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