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Top Tourist Places in Kannur Kerala

Tourist Places in Kannur

Kannur is bounded by a wealth of natural beauty. Kannur enjoys the credit of having been the cradle of many a colorful folk art and folk music of Kerala. Let’s go through the tourist places in Kannur

ST.ANGELO FORT: This seafront fort was built during the Portuguese era in 1505 AD. After changing hands from the Portuguese to the Dutch and then to the British, is now under the archaeological survey of India. It offers fascinating view of the Mappila bay fishing harbor.

MAPPILA BAY: It is a natural fishing harbor. A sea wall projecting from the St. Angelo fort separates the rough sea and the inland water.

Muzhapilangad BEACH: Black rocks protect this long clean beach from the currents of the deep, making its shallow water a swimmer’s paradise, Perhaps this is Kerala’s only drive-in beach where you can drive down the entire length of 14km.

DAM: Am ideal retreat for tourists. The DTPC provides pleasure boating facilities at the reservoir.

EZHIMALA: The beautiful beach here has a hillock nearby. Carved stone pillars and an ancient burial chamber can be seen at the foothills.

PYTHALMALA: This enchanting hill station is rich in flora and fauna. It is a 6km trek to the to top the hills.

OTHER PLACES OF INTERESTS: Ayyambalam beach, Parasinikadavu, Valapttanam, Arakkalkettu, Aralam wikdlife sanctuary , Madayipara, Dharmadam island, Kizhunna Ezhara beach.






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