Sri Kailasanathar Temple – Srivaikuntam

Travel for 30 km from Tirunelveli to reach Srivaikuntam town of Tamilnadu where the famous Sri Kailasanathar Temple is located. The Temple worships Lord Shiva.

Another important thing about the temple is, it is considered 6th Nava Kailasam temple, dedicated to Planet Saturn. The temple is thought to be built by the Pandiya king, Chandrakula Pandiya and sone portion by Madurai Nayak dynasty ruler, Veerappa Nayak.

The temple holds various stories about its construction and existence. People have different perceptions about the construction of the temple.The temple is an excellent example of Dravidian style of architecture.

Lord Shiva is worshiped in the form of Kailasanathar and Parvati as Sivakami.

There is a separate shrine for Sri Sani Dev. The people suffering from Shani Dosh are often seen praying here.

Another shrine dedicated to Bhoothanathar is also there, which sees grand gathering during  Chittirai Brahmotsavam festival.

Festivals- The Brahmotsavam festival falling on the Tamil months of Chittirai (April – May), Aippasi (October – November), Sivarathri, Arattu festival, Thirukalyanam and Kanthasasthi sees great gathering and is celebrated with great joy here.

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