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We can describe Lion Safari Park as the Gir Forest of Kerala. A place there is king of forest roaming without roaring. In a 10 acres of land in Marakunnam island,lions find out their hangout destination…a world of lions. It is situated 22 km away from all those fuss mess of Trivandrum city. And we can watch the king is very near..there are 6 lions that calmly wandering in the forest. Don’t misunderstand it is not a re-recorded show from animal planet. It is a live telecast that happening just near to your eye balls. Absolutely an unavoidable place for wildlife photographers and nature lovers.

And there is also a deer and alligator park,same as lions it is also searching your enthusiasm and adventurous. It is situated near Neyyar lake, if you are interested you can take a ride in the green water. The Neyyar Wild Life Sanctuary with an area of over 12,000 hector.And you can see many rare plants in this beautiful land. And the nearest hill Agastiar peak will invite you to for a trekking experience. Particularly in summer it will be an awesome experience. There are above 50 deers in the deer park, and the alligator park situated just 2 km away from Neyyar dam.They are 15 alligators enjoying their wild life. There is a watch tower, an aquarium and a beautiful flower garden. Most of all there is park for children.

Don’t worry the adventures does not have an end.The next wonder is elephants, they are waiting us just 7 km away from Neyyar it is in Kaappukaad. There are 9 elephants here. You can take a safari with elephant. it will be a memorable experience to you. And you can watch the life style of elephants.

This all things make Neyyar sanctuary as an every time best travel destination.. if you are like to visit kerala.. Dont miss the heaven world of animals and natural beauty.

Lion Safari Park Neyyar Dam Timings

  • Tuesdays to Sundays : 9:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs
  • Monday Holiday

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