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This deer park of Thenmala is a distant part of Thenmala eco tourism and is built within the Kallada river side forest. Apart from various varieties of deers what you can see interesting here is a Tree House and a small Children’s park with  some ecologically blended resting places.

Various walking routes into the forests can be seen and if you a group of people with plenty of time to spend here no harm in walking into the park forests. What you will witness for sure in these forests in big trees of the western ghats and most of them with a name board fixed by the park authorities, So that you won’t end up disappointed thinking of what tree this can be.

In the deer park you can see Barking Deer (Kezha Maan in Malayalam), Sambar Deer (Mlave), Spotted deer[Chittal, Cheetal, Axis deer, Pulli Maan in Malayalam].

The forest in deer rehabilitation centre is a collection of huge trees and many of them are having interesting trunk shapes. The deers are fenced inside the forested land and you can walk around the fence and watch for the deers. Deer herds can be seen around the water tanks near to the fencings. Am giving you some photos of the deers we saw here within our limited time we spent in this deer rehabilitation centre. The info about deers given here are obtained from the tourist info board fixed at some places of the deer park.

This will be the first deer you will witness coming into the park. Even though its a lifeless sculpture, it stands tall over a big rock there in the park as a monument of a spotted deer once lived here. The dead deer was that special to the people taking care of deers here to make a deer sculpture monument.

The tourist info board below the deer sculpture says it is for the memory of a deer named Krishnan. The male spotted deer was bought to the centre in 1999 at the age of 5. Krishnan remained as the main attraction of Thenmala Ecotourism deer park for 10 years. The antlers in the deer statue are the original antlers of the stag. After spending a decade of royal life in the banks of River Kallada, he took his last breath on 27 October 2009.

You have to take your right turn from this statue and walk along the side of the deer park fencing and watch for the deers. What about a walk with me now. I will show you the deers i saw inside the park fences.

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