Khanom – adorned with pristine beaches and the coastal weather, the place is loved by the ones looking for some secluded and beautiful place.

Chaiya – Adorned with temples and many ancient ruins, this village is a treat for the history and the architecture lovers. Prime attractions of the village are Wat Phra Borommat and Wat Kaeo.

Silk Village– Just few miles away from Chaiya is the silk village that displays the art of making silk textiles and also sells away the silk products at pocket friendly prices.

Wat Tham Singkhon Cave Temple – It is a famed cave known for its scenic beauty, location and also a massive golden buddha idol.

Dat Fa Waterfall – It is a picture-perfect location with great place to enjoy the day.

Tapi River canal– take a boat trip on this river to explore the beauty of the town.

The Monkey Training College – A must visit place at Surat Thani. Established with the aim to train the local monkeys to help in farming and harvesting coconuts, this school is a real attraction for the tourists. The school also provides interaction sessions with its students and also sells out goods collected by them.

Pier beers – A perfect hangout place for the ones looking for the cheap beers and good friends.

Surat Thani Pillar Shrine- It is a marvellous white stone temple on Tambon Talat.

Guan Yin statue- It is a beautifully crafted towering statue king its place in the Sanjaojao Maeguan-im Chinese temple.The temple is situated on the Namueang Road.

Night Market- Located on the Namueang Road, this nightly market is truly a must visit place of the town. The market offers some of the delicious authentic Thai food and also numerous goodies as steal away prices.

Cheow Lan Dam- It is the national park in the town. The sanctuary is a home to many wild species and the rarities.

Khanom Beach– It makes great place to hangout and enjoy boating with the loved ones. Among the many beaches nearby, khanom bay attracts major of the tourists visiting this town.

Sonchana farm and elephant sanctuary- Another yet great place to hang out in Surat Thani is Sonchana farm and sanctuary. One can spend whole day here.

Limestone lake rainforest- An awesome place to enjoy the scenic beauty of the limestone cliffs and lush tropical rainforest. This place also offers unique activities like elephant trekking, jungle hikes, canoeing, river rafting etc.