Sigiriya aka Sinhagiri presents itself as AN ancient rock defence within the northern Matale District close to the city of Dambulla within the Central Province, Sri Lanka. Sigiriya makes the most revered tourist spot of the country. It is considered as the eighth wonder of the world by the locals. The place is of great historical and archaeological significance and is dominated by a massive column of rock nearly 200 metres high.

The place offers tourists with the chance of exploring history and also to witness some stunning views from that height. The architecture of the fortress is marvellous. One can still see the lion’s paw carved out of stone, however, the rest of the part is it’s ruins. The fortress once served as a royal palace, then the monastery and is now evacuated and is an archaeological site. There are also numerous wall inscriptions, Paintings and the mirror wall to be seen in this fortress.

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