Galle presents itself as a city on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka. The prime attraction here is the Galle Fort. This fortified city was built across the 16th century. It sees the flavour of Portuguese, Dutch and British in its architecture. Galle Fort is listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Site and thus sees a vast tide of tourists visiting here each year. Inside the fort, one can visit The National Maritime Museum to explore the glorious history of the place. There are rare housings and collectables in this museum worth having a glimpse.

Galle also has to show Dutch Reformed Church, Old Dutch Hospital, Galle Clock Tower and Galle Lighthouse to the tourists. There are many places to be visited in this old city. The Kanneliya Rainforest Reserve here with its rich endemic flora and fauna makes a must-visit place for the wildlife lovers. To please the history buffs is the Historical Mansion Museum, which has a huge collection of the local arts and crafts and also allows the visitors to buy some as a souvenir too. Galle Literary Festival is an important event to be held here annually that call numerous tourists from around the world.

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