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Solo Travel- Safety and things to remember

Solo Travel

Solo travel or travel alone, is now becoming a trend among the foreigners as well as domestic people. Try something unique and adventurous its the motivation behind each solo travel. A long drive or a bullet trip solo is nowadays common.

Solo Travel- Safety and things to remember

Solo travel can be crucial milestone in life. Travelling alone gives you the chance to indulge yourself fully, you can take a break when you feel like and pour it on when you feel determined.

Just drive right by, your mistakes are your own and your triumphs all the more thrilling

Safety- the prime concern 

  • Carry good identification
  • Bare minimum packing
  • Back Pack should include: all paperwork, hotel confirmations if any, flight/ train/ bus information, passport and travel insurance info, Global plug in adapter, e Reader Kindle, iPad, journal and pen, laptop and ac adapter[optional], phone and charger, camera and charger, SD card connector to back up the photos from camera on to iPad or laptop, prescription medication, vitamins, supplements, water bottle, first aid kit, conditioner, hair product, sunscreen, face cream, makeup, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, shaving kit, few feet of duct tape, couple of re-seal able plastic bags, shoes, jacket, sweater, umbrella, dress etc
  • Make copies of important documents such as passport, identity card, driving license, travel insurance etc
  • Get a global ATM card
  • Carry Travel credit or debit card for shopping
  • Check the maps and transportation schedules before leaving
  • Know the fares and time duration taken to each destination.
  • Reserve your hotel room in advance, if possible or search for open late hotels.
  • Be your own best guidance
  • Know your strengths
  • Get an early start
  • Keep to open and public places, especially at night
  • Display confidence and walk purposefully
  • Always go with your gut instinct
  • Don’t draw too much of attention to yourself
  • Do not appear like a tourist in dressing
  • Avoid walking around with your face in guidebook.
  • Avoid wearing gaudy clothes or jewelry.
  • Find your people
  • Explore the expat hub
  • Don’t make feel others that you are alone.
  • Learn little language of the destination.
  • Dress and act like a local
  • Make new friends but good judgement is essential
  • Just say NO
  • Watch what you eat and drink, especially drink sterilized water
  • Patience is the best tool
  • Stay safe, do not carry huge quantities of cash
  • Be cautious about pick-pocket
  • Take time to observe the local customs
  • Keep a note of helpline numbers
  • Keep a book to write or your smart phone at hand
  • Occasionally check in from the road
  • Share your experience as status in social media
  • Stay in touch with home via phone or e-mail
  • Take snap shots
  • Enjoy the pure freedom
  • Be Selfish
  • Enjoy the solitude
  • Remember to have Fun

So if you are brave and bold enough to make the decision to go alone, pack your back pack and get ready to explore as the chances are pretty high that you will enjoy yourself on the road solo. It will roller-coaster ride of good and bad, highs and lows, but this all a part of experience which will make the real YOU!

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