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Nilambur – The Largest Teak Plantation In The World

Nilambur – The Largest Teak Plantation In The World.

Are you a nature lover? Or want to say good bye to your stress? If the answer is yes, Nilambur is the perfect place for enjoying a calm atmosphere. It will fulfill your dreams with the patting hands of nature magic. Yes. absolutely its a place with treasures of historical,varied wild life habitats Most of all Nilambur will take you to the world of refreshment In this trip Waterfalls, Teak plantations do you know Nilambur most popularly know as the land of teak plantations. festivals, varieties of flora and fona and the longest hanging bridge also the tribal lifes will make you more happier.

Teak museum,the largest plantation in the world. So Nilambur has a place in the history. It is a perfect place for nature lovers.Its a place with varities of teaks, seeds,paintings ,traditioanl antique and also the wood and the wood carvings.When you enter the museum there is a root of a big teak,look like an original one,it is an amazing art work . Surely it will find a place in your heart.


nilambur teak museum

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The entrance of the museum is wonderful,both side of the foot path covering with bamboos. So even in the very hot time bamboos keeping a cool,atmosphere there and also the musical voice of bamboos will gently pat your ears. It will be a thrilling experience to you,

There is a garden with variety of cactus,orchid,ferns,medicinal plants and plenty of butterflies will fly just up your head, it will be a great experience to you.You can also see a pond with varieties of smiling Lotus and Lilies, every thing will give you happiness through their presence. And this memories will never depart from you.

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