Marpha in Nepal
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Marpha is a village in northern Nepal. It is tucked high up in an altitude of 2,650 meters in the Kali Gandaki valley of the Annapurna Conservation Region. The place had been landed on hard-working people for ages. The place has been mostly into trading business and mostly deal with salt trading and mule rearing. The village is famed for holding the houses with Thak Khola architecture. This architecture flaunts flat roofs and narrow paved alleys in the structures. The place is also famed for its apple orchards and is popularly known as ‘Village of Orchards’. Marpha is notable for its many-storied previous stone homes, engineered by hand while not advantage of mud or mortar, and for the delicious apples big within the lush depression that snakes between the Nilgiri and Dahlugiri Himalayan ranges. The most attention-seeking thing was the stacks of split firewood that lined the edges of the flat roofs of every home in town.

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