Gorkha in Nepal
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Gorkha is an important historical place of importance in Nepal. The place is famed to grow the brave men of the countries, Gurkha. To see here is The Gorkha Durbar (Palace) which sees itself as one of the finest examples of architectural. The Palace holds historical importance too. The famed Gurkha Battalion within the British Army originated; and it’s wherever the annual Dasain pageant formally begins, with a procession to Kathmandu. The city remains a crucial pilgrim’s journey destination for Newars, United Nations agency regards the Shahs as living incarnations of Vishnu. It was used for war-strategy once a time. The palace provides an aerial view of the surrounding Gorkha village. The village sees the friendly tribesmen and holds good traditional value. Gorkha also provides one of the best trekking trails in the country. Jungle hiking is the favourite activity of the tourists here.

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