Bandipur in Nepal
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Bandipur sees itself as a village atop the hill in Nepal. The place is a popular tourist spot because of its rich hill culture, trekking trails and scenic beauty. Bandipur lies between the towns of Kathmandu and Pokhara. The townhouses old age treasures like ancient temples and shrines, sacred caves. It hasn’t moved much from its olden culture and festivals. The unique celebrations here are the treat to every tourist. The surrounding hills of Bandipur provide awe-inspiring trekking trails to the trekking enthusiasts. There are villages, dense forests, temples and shrines and the tribal people all in the way. The place holds a rich historical background too. It once saw itself as a flourishing center of trade from the neighbouring countries. Today too the place holds the great tradesmen and the hardworking farmers, who make their living by selling handmade goods and growing various varieties of corps.

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