Dhigurah Island in Maldives
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Dhigurah sees itself among the inhabited islands of Alif Dhaal Atoll, Maldives. It is mainly a fishing island with Whale sharks as its residents. The main occupation of the inhabitants of Dhigurah island is fishing, woodworking and boat building. The island sees a village, the equatorial forest, and the beach. The South Ari Atoll (Alif Daal) holds a mesmerizing underwater world. This place could be a paradise for the divers and the underwater world lovers. The place is home to whale sharks,  rare sea turtles, giant rays (manta rays) and different species of colourful fishes. Apart there are beautiful coral reefs too to be admired. Dhigurah island is a fishing village with a population of about 600 inhabitants who are engaged in fishing, woodworking and boat building. In the village, there are two schools and a kindergarten, a hospital, several shops, souvenir shops, and Island Office – an information centre. The village is in the head part of the island (about 500 meters), the remaining 2.5 kilometres is occupied by the equatorial forest. On both sides of the island is a beach, the length of almost the entire length. Being, on the one hand, Dhigurah, you can admire the sunrise, and on the other – the sunset.

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