Sumba Island in Indonesia
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Sumba is one of the islands of Indonesia that is fairly less visited by tourists. The island possesses rugged roads with high mountains and less population. Sumba finds a place in between the Komodo and Sumbawa islands. The island faces the Indian ocean and makes the most loved destination for the surfers.

Sumba is adorned with the pristine white-sand beaches, waterfalls, low limestone hills and fields of maize and cassava. The island makes a secret dream destination for the people loving adventure. The island sees tribal people with some of their unique culture and practices. one can find the megalithic tombs all across the village. The villagers here weave a famous textile named Tenun Ikat, which is famed worldwide. An important annual ceremony here is PasolaThe event is majorly a ritual of a fight among the horseback men with blunt-ended weapons.

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