Semarang in Indonesia
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Semarang sees itself as the capital and largest city of Central Java province in Indonesia. The city became a bustling centre of trade and commerce in the 17th century. The city shows an amalgamation of the Chinese, Indian Arab, and European cultures. The city still sees itself as an important regional centre and port. Kota Lama or the Oudstadt holds some of the unique historic buildings of the city. This area was probably the European commercial district at some time. Being at Semarang, one must not skip visiting Koepelkerk, which is a Phanteon style church. Gereja Blenduk is the local name of this famed Dutch church. Another important structure to be visited at Semarang is the old Chinese temple and the statue of Admiral Cheng Ho at Gedung Batu. The city is also famed for its pork-stuffed dishes. One should try the mouth-watering cuisines of Indonesia.

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