Komodo Island in Indonesia
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Komodo island sees itself as a part of the Lesser Sunda chain of the Indonesian islands. The island is named after its most prominent habitant a 3m-long Komodo dragon monitor lizard. The island is relatively small and finds itself between Sumbawa and Flores islands. Komodo National Park, here, is known to house numerous exclusive Komodo dragons aka “ora’. There are rusty-red volcanic hills, savannah, and forests on this island to explore. The island also has a rich collection action of the marine kingdom and is thus famed for its exotic diving sites. Komodo Island sees itself as a nature reserve, being a home to numerous rare species of birds, deer, and wild pigs. The island is incredible, as soon as you enter the gate you get that feeling of entering Jurassic park island; there are three suggested paths plus one adventure hike. The adventure hike seems very long to take but it can give you a nice insight of the whole island, otherwise, I suggest you do the long track: it won’t last more than an hour but at least it gives you more opportunities to see the dragons.

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