Jakarta in Indonesia
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Jakarta sees itself as the capital of Indonesia. It is settled on the northwest coast of the island of Java. The place is resided by the people from different historic and cultural background and thus the city is multi-religious, flaunting the perfect amalgamation of the diverse groups. Being the capital city, the place sees a huge number of travellers, workers, professionals and the residents all through the day. There are five important districts in the city- Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta Utara, Jakarta Barat, Jakarta Timur, and Jakarta Selatan. All of which hold some importance in their way. Most revered places at Jakarta Pusat or central Jakarta square measure Monas, The Merdeka Palace, The National repository, Istiqlal place of worship, The Jakarta Cathedral, and Monumen Selamat Datang or Bunderan HI. Central Jakarta is also famed for its shopping centres which attract lots of tourists.

Places to be visited at Jakarta Utara or North Jakarta includes- Taman Impian Jaya Ancol or Ancol Dreamland housing a Dufan Theme park, Seaworld, Atlantis Water Adventure Park, Ecopark, an Art market and much more. North Jakarta is also famed for its authentic cuisine to be tasted. An important historical monument- Museum Fatahillah is located in West Jakarta. Nearby this is Kota Tua or Old Jakarta district. Museum Macan is a contemporary art exhibition, which can also be visited n the West Jakarta. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, a miniature park is the most revered place in East Jakarta. Setu Babakan- A traditional museum is a must-visit place in South Jakarta depicting the history, culture, and lifestyle of the Betawi people of Indonesia. This museum also offers numerous activities for visitors.

One can find lots of shopping centers and the malls at Jakarta Barat or West Jakarta, Jakarta Timur or East Jakarta and Jakarta Selatan or South Jakarta. Another yet very beautiful place to be visited at Jakarta is the Kepulauan Seribu, or The Seribu Archipelago aka The Thousand Islands. Jakarta is adorned with many tropical islands scattered on its Bay. This Archipelago consists of 110 islands in total and gives a perfect place for a weekend gateway. Tourists, as well as the residents, head towards the thousand islands during their vacations to spend some peaceful and rejuvenating time. The most revered among these groups of the island are Bidadari, Tidung, Pari, and Pulau Macan. These islands are purely the tourist destinations and the only occupation of the residents of these islands is to welcome and serve the guests. One can spend a whole leisurely day resting in the beach hut and gobbling on the mouth-watering cuisines prepared by the hosts. The activities in these islands include sightseeing, enjoying the beach, cycling and exploring the whole of the island.

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