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Daily Kathakali Show in Kerala

Daily Kathakali Show

Travelers always love to experience the culture and art form in each destinations they visit. For those who glad about the rich cultural diversity of Kerala is a must experience. Kerala is rich in Art form and do offer daily Kathakali show

Kathakali is one of the world famous art form from Kerala. Each destination would have a heritage to speak out. Kathakali the most popular art form of India is Kerala’s pride.

Its elaborate makeup and colorful costumes in fact has become the most recognized icon of Kerala. Kathakali is considered as the most magnificent theaters of imagination and creativity which presents themes derived from the Hindu epics, like Ramayana, Mahabharata and other mythologies and legends.

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kathakali show

Kathakali Daily Plays in Kerala.

Kathakali daily shows will be performed 4 places in Kerala.

1) Cochin Cultural Centre, Cochin.

2) Punarjani Traditional Village, Munnar.

3) Mudra Kathakali Centre, Thekkady.

4) Varkala Cultural Centre, Varkala.

Highlights :

Enjoy the traditional Indian instruments and animated miming and dancing of the classical Kerala show.

Enjoy the way of artists telling the epic stories through there actions.

Enrich your experience of India’s culture and heritage by learning about the traditional dance, make-up etc.

Show Timing :

In each places  the Kathakali make up will starts at 5 pm and programs will starts at 6.30-7.00 pm. Program duration will be 1 hour.

Ticket Charges :

 Rs 200/ head. In Varkala cultural centre Rs 350/head.

How to book Ticket online.

You can book the ticket through Yatramantra. Just send your requirement to our email address and we will confirm your tickets.




    • Hello manisha,

      Mudra kathakali centre is better. Because in thekkady kathakali show is always performed.And you will get enough time to watch during your holiday.Most probably this kathakali centre will be near to your hotel.

      Thanking you
      Team Yatramantra

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