Trashiyangtse in Bhutan
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Trashiyangtse is famed for housing the subtropical and alpine forests. The place attracts a great number of tourists visiting Bhutan every year because of its rich culture, historical value, and pristine beauty. Tucked in a height of 1750-1880 m, the district holds people of diverse culture and race. The place is famed for its woodworking and paper-making industries. The items have found their way in the international market and are worthy of that appreciation. Because of its rich culture and tradition, the place holds numerous schools embarking the same on its succeeders. To explore here are the arts and crafts of the district, its tradition and culture and also its numerous protected areas. One must not forget visiting the Kulong Chhu Wildlife Sanctuary, a part of Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary.

The folks of the region have developed unimaginable talent at woodwork and paper creating. The items they turn out like ancient wood bowls are prized throughout the country. It contains a significant conservatoire, the varsity of ancient Arts, that may be a sister faculty of the varsity of ancient Arts in Thimphu and teaches six varieties of art; painting, pottery, wood sculpture, wood-turning, lacquer-work, and embroidery.
Trashi Yangtse district is home to some of the country’s important protected areas. It contains the Kulong Chhu Wildlife Sanctuary, established in 1993, which itself is part of the larger Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary. Bumdeling Sanctuary currently covers the northern half of Trashi Yangtse (the gewogs of Bumdeling and Yangtse), as well as substantial portions of neighbouring districts.

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