Phajoding Mountains in Bhutann
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An important religious place at Bhutan is Phajoding. The place is famed for its Buddhist monastery and the trekking trails. Phajoding Monastery is situated near Thimpu in Bhutan. The monastery had a rich culture. It was considered the richest and ornamented monastery of its time but gradually faded its glitter and is now an endangered cultural monument. The story of the place goes in the way that, in the year 1224, Phajo Drugom Zhigpo established a centre of meditation here at Phajoding. The purpose of establishing a monastery here was to spread the teachings of the Drukpa Kagyud. The monastery here includes ten temples and a series of meditation houses. The place is also loved by the trekkers because of its serene environment, natural beauty, picturesque beauty and the Buddhist monasteries that emits the aroma of peace and divinity in the surroundings.

Phajoding monastery is considered to be one of the most sacred meditation sites and the name of the monastery trace back to the 13th century where phajodrugom zhipo meditate there. Today most visitors go there for a hike. The reward for hiking uphill for concerning three hours from Motithang Budorcas taxicolor Preserve is that the best read of Thimphu city. When the weather is fine, you can also see a blanket of fluffy clouds above Thimphu.


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