Laya in Bhutan
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It is awesome however a tiny low pocket of ethnic teams survived for therefore long within the northern a part of the country. Anyone on the cat trek or the grand figure Trek can converge through Laya. To experience the maximum cultural richness, time your trip during their Owlay festival. The mountain town Laya sits up at an altitude of 3800 meters and thus makes the highest settlement in the country. The place is famed for its tribal people, their unique culture and the trekking trails.
Ones on the Snow Leopard trek or the grand Snowman Trek are sure to converge through Laya. The place celebrates a grand event every three years known as Owlay festival. This is loved by the people visiting Bhutan and is a blissful experience to attend. The Hike from Gasa to Laya is about 28km, and there’s a small hut that´s run by the Bhutan Tourism in Koina which offers basic amenities but it’s a great shelter. The journey from Koina to Laya takes approximately seven hours, an undulating trek but nothing too difficult.

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