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Jakar Dzong in Bhutan
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Jakar Dzong aka Jakar Yugyal Dzong sees itself as an energetic and lively one- street town in the Bumthang District in central Bhutan. The Jakar Dzong or the “Castle of the White Bird” as it is nicknamed, sees itself on a ridge above Jakar town in the Chamkhar valley of Bumthang. The place is famed for its numerous authentic restaurants and handicraft stores. one can purchase here – Chugo, which is a hard, chewy dried cheese snack. The place holds religious and administrative importance as well. It had been the seat for the first king of Bhutan and also served as the defence fortress for the eastern Dzongkhags. The Dzong holds a spectacular fifty meters high Utse or the Central tower and is worth visiting.

The Jakar Dzong or the “Castle of the White Bird” dominates the Chamkhar natural depression and overlooks the city. Constructed in 1549, by the Tibetan Lam coniferous tree Wangchuk, the Dzong contend a crucial role because of the fort of defence of the entire Japanese Dzongkhags. It additionally became the seat of the primary king of the Kingdom of Bhutan.
A special feature of the Dzong is that the roughly fifty meters high Utse or the Central tower, that is distinct from most different Dzongs in the Kingdom of Bhutan. The other distinctive feature of the Dzong could be a secure passage, with 2 parallel walls, interconnected by fortified towers, that gave the population of the fort access to water in the case of a siege. The protected facility remains intact to the present day.

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