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Alleppey Houseboats Info Graphics

Alleppey Houseboats infographics

Alleppey Houseboats Info Graphics 

Alleppey Houseboats Info Graphics gives all information about houseboats. Houseboat Cruise with the rhythm of Alleppey backwaters and across the emerald lagoons of Kerala is one of the main attraction in Kerala Tour.

Houseboats locally known as Kettuvallams are available for spending your exotic holidays in backwaters with food and accommodation. According to your plan you can choose from single bedroom to seven bedroom houseboats with all amenities including living room, kitchen, open lounge, deck and also crew comprising oarsmen, a cook and guide for your service around the clock.

As of from the makers of houseboats or Kettuvallams literally means ‘boat with knots’ is so called as the entire boat is held together with coir knots and not even a single nail is used in its construction.

Before, they were large barges which were used to carry goods. With the advent of tourism they were converted into houseboats. To maintain global standard utmost care is taken.

Only natural products such as Bamboo mats, sticks and wood are used for roofing, coir mats and wooden planks for the flooring and wood of coconut trees and coir for beds.

Safety Onboard of Houseboats

All houseboats are well furnished and maintained for the safety and security of guests, who stay in the houseboats.

During the houseboat stay only guest and the crew members are allowed inside the houseboat.

Each and every houseboat is equipped with life buoy, life jackets, and 24 hours back support of ground staff and mobile communication facility to the office.

Fuel storage and fire extinguisher is also available in all houseboats

For calm sleep or to relax and enjoy the moonlit night all rooms are equipped with mosquito net, repellent and repellent creams etc.

First Aid facility is available in houseboats

Guest is treated normally with traditional Kerala cuisine and is supplied in the houseboats.

Tender coconut water is provided as welcome drink and for drinking purpose sealed branded mineral water is available.

Facilities Onboard

Every houseboat is furnished with Wardrobes, Wall Mounted Fan, High Quality Vinyl Flooring, Teakwood Wall Finishing, Mosquito Repellent, Air Conditioner, Living Area with Dining table & Chairs, Separate Sitting Chairs and TV & DVD.

Premium luxury houseboats facilitates Sliding Glass window in each rooms for best view from rooms, High Quality coir carpet Flooring, Full time air-conditioning in rooms, Hot water facility in each rooms and Upper deck to relax and for better view other than common amenities.

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