Aurangabad, named after the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb is one of the most outstanding tourist destinations in Maharashtra and in terms of beauty and exploration is second to none.


Mahabaleshwar, the best holiday destination for the summer.


Wondering if you should take a trip to one of the best hill stations in Maharashtra? We have just the right answer. The list of activities in Lonavala go on and on, you can book a room in a nice hotel or a private bungalow and have a laid-back, relaxing vacation, or you can grab your backpack and go on an adventure of a lifetime.


Malvan is a mellow and tranquil destination which makes it perfect when you want to avoid your daily monotonous city routine and discover yourself. With a range of hotels, you can book a room and enjoy days with peaceful and scenic surroundings which help you achieve peace of mind. Completely enclosed by nature and beaches, Malvan is blessed with a pleasant climate, ensuring that you have an undisturbed vacation and is Perfect for Beach lovers.