Poetree Sarovar Portico

Poetree Sarovar Portico

Poetree Sarovar Portico, located at a unique vantage point on top of a hill and embraced by acres of untouched land and forest, a dream, built on principles of sustainability, eco-friendliness and being one with nature. A resort, with an ethos that stems from the heart and spirit of the land that it is built on.

Poetree was built with strong principles of natural conservation and sustainability, a sense of spirit that we refer to as ‘The earth and soul’. The resort structure and foundation is built from rock and rubble from the barren land that this once was. The exterior walls, plastered with sand and mud, own to Thekkady.

The thatched roofs, built from local elephant grass, with the hands of the unique Mannan tribe from hardly kilometres away. Not more that 32 trees were felled during construction but yet, made up by 435 fruit trees planted back to the earth. The location gives us advantages of minimal air-conditioning and glazed walls that let in maximum light, thus with a low reliance on electrical power.

From the shaded seclusion of this property, designed with minimalist and aesthetic principles, guests can relax in luxury and admire unforgettable views over the Periyar forest and across expansive mountain ranges, with the distant backdrops of waterfalls and the ever-providing Periyar River.

From elephants that you could try your hand at giving a bath to, to the tiger, Periyar is home to some of the most conservative wildlife populations in the country. From each room, guests can soak in a calm and serene vibe, a feeling of being one with the land, distinct to Periyar and Thekkady.


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