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8 days Kerala Tour Itinerary for Family


We all know, Kerala is known as God’s own country. This beautiful state which is situated in India has a lot to offer the guest who is visiting this beautiful state. In your 8 days Kerala tour packages for family, you will be exploring major Kerala tourism regions which will show you various shades of Kerala.

Kerala tourism has been promoting this beautiful state in various different modes of media and communication so there are major revenues that have been generated by them. Kerala tourism is leading because of the various activities provided to the guests and the active participation of local community in Kerala tourism.

So we, Yatramantra is going to give you Kerala Tour Itinerary which would please you to the fullest. 8 days in Kerala is more than enough to do various activities to please your visit in Kerala: 

Kerala Tour Packages for Family


8 Days Tour Itinerary (Backpacking recommended)

Day 1:

  • Welcome to the First day of 8 Days Kerala Tour Packages for Family
  • Arrive at Cochin Airport by 10 AM we’ll meet you outside Cochin airport after checkout.
  • Immediately we’ll take you around Kerala tourist places in Cochin. You will be covering the Chinese fishing nets, Jew street, Fort Cochin, etc.
  • You will be tasting various delicacies of food which will treat your taste buds and your mood. We will commence to Munnar straight away after lunch. Its 136 Kms drive from Cochin to Munnar and takes around 3 to 4 hours to reach this wonderful tourist place in Kerala.
  • Once reaching Munnar, Purchase tickets for the next day’s travel.
  • You will stopping in various tourist places on the way to Munnar. You will be reaching Munnar by 5 Pm.
  • We will help you check in to your hotel where you will freshen up and then commence for some local sightseeing around Munnar or you can take serene walks in Tea plantations.
  • We end the Night with some dinner at the Hotel and we will be calling it a night early because you have to arrive by 9:45 am at DTPC Munnar,Kerala.

Kerala Tour Packages for Family

Day 2:

  • Freshen you Second day
  • Wake up to a pleasant morning at God’s own country and you can head out to various  kinds of tour which are offered in Munnar.
  • These are very promising and very scenic throughout, where you can find animal spottings, various photographic views and serene atmosphere. This will bring out the wilderness in you.
  • You’ll truly experience what God’s own country is through these days, making 8 days  Kerala tour magical.
  • Mattupetty Tour 
  • Sandal Valley Tour
  • After the trip you will be taken back to the hotel where you’ll be staying the night and dinner will be given to you.
  • The following day, you have to head out to Thekkady which is blooming with Kerala tourism and utmost beauty is found in these regions of the Western ghats.
  • Make sure you catch an early night sleep.

Kerala Tour Packages for Family

Day 3:

  • Enlighten your Third day
  • We head out to Thekkady through the Idukki dam route. Its not the regular route. Kerala tourist places are visited by a majority of tourists which helps boosting Idukki Kerala tourism opportunities.
  • You will stop in various Kerala tourist places on the way to Thekkady. And will be covering famous Kerala tourist places such as Kalvary mount, Aaniyanal dam, Idukki dam and hill view park.
  • Making these 8 days Kerala tour magical. We should make sure we reach Thekkady by 12 noon and check-in to Bamboo grove(recommended).
  • They have various programs to keep the guests engaged while they host a breathtaking tribal dance or Kathakali by 6 in the evening where its a must see for this particular Kerala tourist place or you can choose the Jungle safari were you can spot many animal sightings and various serene back drops of Periyar tiger reserve.
  • Stay the night at Bamboo grove, Thekkady.

Kerala Tour Packages for Family

Day 4:

  • Relish your Fourth day
  • The following morning you proceed towards Alleppey at 7 am, make sure you reach Alleppey by 12pm.
  • Check in to hotel, freshen up and then commence your day to sightseeing places around Alleppey.
  • For sightseeing visit Kerala water transport corporation office Alleppey to book a ticket from Alleppey where you can reach Amritapuri for the following day. The price should be around Rs.200-300. Check out kuttanad package(recommended).
  • Say goodbye to your cab, after kuttanad package stay and explore Alleppey.
  • Try the local delicacies offered by Alleppey, Shop in the colourful markets of Alleppey or you can catch a very serene sunset at Kerala backwaters.
  • Making these 8 days Kerala tour memorable. After you’re done catch an auto to the hotel where you checked in previously.
  • Stay the night in your Alleppey hotel or homestay where you will be provided with dinner.

Kerala Tour Packages for Family

Day 5:

  • Rejuvenate your Fifth day
  • The following day, we board the boat to Amritapuri from Alleppey which is a serene yet scenic view. Were you can find rare animal sightings and various serene views on the way.
  • Visit and explore Amritapuri. Then board a bus to Kollam another famous Kerala backwaters. Book tickets for the following day’s travels and then proceed to hotel after reaching Kollam.
  • You can freshen up at your hotel where you check in earlier.
  • Explore this beautiful town eat various kind of food delicacies around this region and try the ayurvedic massages which are offered by the local community.
  • Spend the night at Kollam where you can stare the night away at the stars while you set up tents or you can enjoy the various services provided at Kollam.

Kerala Tour Packages for Family

Day 6:

  • Savor your sixth day
  • Proceed towards DTPC office to start your trip to Manroe islands, This beautiful island is located 27 Kms away from Kollam. Which is a 3 hour canal cruise. The islands is known for various kinds of birds found in this region which makes it famous for photographers to visit this region.
  • You can also have a picnic on this island if you want to laze your day away. Try being here for the sunrise and sunset.
  • Spend enough time around Manroe island then take the canal cruise back to Kollam where you can reach for lunch.
  • Then head back to the hotel room and refresh.
  • Thangassery lighthouse a famous tourist place in Kerala, which is often visited by many tourists.
  • Reach back to the hotel room by 7Pm where you can have a beautiful dinner and complete your night at Kollam.
  • Make sure your up by 7 am the following morning.

Kerala Tour Packages for Family

Day 7:

  • Enliven your Seventh day
  • Checkout and head towards the railway station and move towards Kochuveli the following morning.
  • Once you reach Kochuveli a famous tourist place in Kerala, Veli tourist village which is approximately 2-3 Kms away. This is a very famous picnic spot where the arabian sea meets.
  • Book a cab to Varkala and book your return tickets at KSRTC for your next tourist destination from Trivandrum. There are many options available from Trivandrum to get to other states.
  • After booking you’re tickets head out to see various tourist places in Kerala,Varkala. Where you will be checking in and staying the night, exploring various different beaches which lie on the costal line of Varkala.

Kerala Tour Packages for Family

Day 8:

  • Inspirit your last day
  • The following morning try to wake up at 7,catch the morning atmosphere in Varkala.
  • It’s time to bid goodbye to this beautiful beach and then head towards Trivandrum where you can board a train,bus or flight to your next travel destination.
  • If you want to continue backpacking we can suggest couple of places which would please your backpacking experience.
  • Your 8 days in Kerala comes to an end with a lot of unforgettable and relaxing memories in God’s own country.

For more itinerary details on more no. of days check our Tour Packages

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